Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sparkles and Glitter: New Years Eve!

While New Years Eve can definitely be overrated and crowded, it also has it perks. For example - for what other occasion can you wear an abundance of sparkles, glitter and sequins and no one blinks an eye?
Yup - on New Years Eve, all things sparkly and bubbly rule, and I think that's sparkle-tastic. Put on your blinders, because I'm going to show you some blinging blanging sparkles for your New Years celebration.

All images from the great Pinterest!

These drink stir sticks are made from tinsel garland...which as you know will be marked down to 75% off at the stores. Love these!

Loooove these napkin rings. Love. Amore.

This beautiful cocktail is called a French 75. I love the bubbles.

The sparkly Christian Louboutins are perfect if you have a lot of extra $$$ laying around. Seriously though, how gorge. I think I'll run out and buy me a pair (of sparkly knockoffs from Tarjay).

I LOVE this gold glitter! Have you ever seen such a glittery marshmallow?

I'm seriously considering getting some uber-glittery nail polish for the occasion. Why not, right?

I mean, this just looks like confetti in a bottle. Obsessed.

Glittery pillar and taper candles.

Rim your champagne glasses with sparkles!

Love these starry stir sticks.

Ice cream with sparklers makes a spectacular photo!

And finally, if you follow the below mantra, you are guaranteed to have a sparkly good time. Although I can't guarantee how you'll feel the next morning ;)

Hope your eve is filled with sparkles and cocktails and your 2012 is full of health and happiness. 


Monday, December 26, 2011

An awesome Christmas and looking forward to NYE 2011!

Ho Ho Ho and hi to all! I am properly stuffed, spoiled and tuckered out - from Christmas, of course. Isn't it crazy how all the hustle and bustle is over in a day... 

Besides the wonderful food and family time, my best Christmas gift HAD to be my brand new Nikon camera from my thoughtful hubby, Mr. Fo. Now I can take blog-worthy and article-worthy soon as I figure out how the heck to use the thing! 

Here's an i-Phone pic of of my camera...isn't it ironic that I can't use my awesome new camera to take a pic of my awesome new camera?

Per my last post, I did a silver/white table for Christmas. No silver pinecones this year, alas, I didn't have the time to spray paint .... shame. But the table turned out great and I was able to take pics of it using my NEW camera! (Did I mention I got a new camera? I might be slightly excited about it. Also, don't judge the photography. I'm sure even Ansel Adams needed a little practice.)

Another great part of the day was hanging out with my niece Brooke. I've mentioned her only about couple thousand times on the blog...She is such a Panthers fan at almost 2 years old - check out her Cam Newton t-shirt! She was wearing an adorable dress, but she had MAJOR Cam fever and demanded to put on her new Christmas gift. Personally, I love how she is straight up chilling with her Elmo slippers and playing with a noisy new toy, Elmo Rocks.  She didn't get any toys at all. (Sense the sarcasm peeps - it was like FAO Shwartz up in here!)

Now that the big day has come and gone, it's time to look forward to New Years Eve! As in recent years, we will be spending the night with family/friends, pretty low key but still fun! (Also known as: We are too old to really go out and party but will still booze it in a semi- responsible manner.)

If you are hosting New Years, don't forget about this awesome clock dessert I made last year from Martha:

Here are some other NYE inspiration pics ....

I know you think I've had too much eggnog and I must be talking crazy...but check out my New Years Eve Tablespoon article and it will all make sense...I promise! 

If anyone has any advice on how to start on a Nikon D300, send it my way! 

I'll be back later this week, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Silver and White Holiday Table Decor

You can't go wrong with the classic red and green color scheme, but if you are looking for a less Christmas-y color pallet for your dinner table, try Silver and White! I love this wintery look! It's so fancy and you can often use items you already have around the house. In fact, my mom and I will be going the silver and white route for our Christmas table. These ideas rock:

Love the simplicity of this with the white pillar candles! Check out the silver ribbon going down the center of the table:

 Found via Pinterest

Obsessed with the "bow-like" napkins!

Found via Pinterest

Love these paper flowers and ornament combos!

Obsessed with these silver branches and pinecones. Methinks I'll be spray painting pinecones this weekend.

Found via Pinterest

And these place cards... OMG... may have to steal this idea too...

Clearly I can't get enough of these silver pinecones...

Found via Pinterest

Love this silver ornament ball wreath...if someone was really ambitious, you could tie mini versions of these wreaths to chairs and send them home with your guests as party favors...

Found via Pinterest

Using silver mercury glass, silver candlesticks and white flowers would be other way to incorporate this wintery theme. Don't forget the silver glitter and sparkles...the sparklier the better I say!
I've got one more day of work and then I'm baking, cooking and fa-la-la-ing my way into Christmas!!
Hope you're enjoying this holiday week :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Our 3rd annual cookie party theme was "Go Whimsy or Go home!" It was all about glitter, sparkles and of course, cookies. I must have been having too whimsical of a time because I barely took any pictures! Most importantly, the cookies were delicious and everyone felt the whimsy spirit!

Awesome invites from Party Box Design, my go-to gal! 

A whimsy entrance... 

 I used glittery sticks I found at Tarjay instead of flowers. And see the wreath below - my most favorite holiday purchase ever, a hot pink feather wreath. It just screams whimsy :)

I picked up a bunch of glitter paper to use for the table at one of my favorite stores, Paper Source....side note, have you checked out their stocking stuffers this year? Fabulous!

Let's check out the award winning cookies, shall we? Yes, we gave awards. 

Top prize was the Caramel Heavenlies - these were SO good. These cookies won the baker the Martha Stewart Cookies book.

Some other delectable treats from the day...

Peppermint-Chocolate Wafers...

Fun sugar cookies...

These adorable Santa cookies won the prize for Most Whimsy...they were delicious too!

We served Whimsy Wine....

... and milk shots with sprinkles around the edges! Can't have cookies without milk, right?

If you want any of these cookie recipes, just leave me a comment! Here are a few more Christmas ideas from my recent Tablespoon articles....

Hope you have a great start to your week and finish all your baking, shopping and baking!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Give the gift of Wine!

Happy Monday!! (I say that sarcastically as I am so tired from the weekend....NEED SLEEPY!) 

Perhaps I'm so tired from the 3rd annual cookie party we had many cookies!! I will post pictures of the party later this week...let's just say it was "whimsical!"

If you are heading to a holiday party this year, bring the gift of wine. Here's why:

1) Wine is delicious
2) It lasts forever (I mean, until you open it)
3) It comes in all price ranges
4) Did I mention it's delicious?

Skip the typical wine bag and try one of these printable labels and tags... make your gift stand out in the sea of wine bottle gifts!

Happy Vino Gifting!