Friday, December 10, 2010

A feature and a holiday party!

Happy Friday!

First off, thanks so much to Cammi at CK Events Blog! She did a LOVELY feature on my Pink and Green Cookie party! Check out Cammi's blog for wonderful party inspiration! Thanks Cammi!

Last night I had a holiday party that I planned for a very special guest of honor! This party had a dual purpose as it was to celebrate the holidays and the fact that the guest of honor is moving to Texas in the new year!

It was mostly business associates and co-workers, so I kept the decorations tasteful and elegant. I managed to throw in a little Texas spice as well, though!

The flowers were beautiful white hydrangeas in fabulous red metallic planters that I found at the wholesale florist. Beautiful deep red roses (actually called "Black Roses") and festive greenery popped against the white backdrop. These flowers were fun and easy to arrange. Just plop in the hydrangeas and stick the roses and greenery in the gaps!

 Here are some brighter pictures of the flowers.

Here is a close up of the "Black Roses" I was talking about. They look almost purple! I love love love these! I like the fact that although I used red and green for party colors, these roses brought a different shade of deep red. I just adore flowers and think they should be at every party.

 I lined up ornament filled containers on the window ledge that bordered the entire restaurant. This took lots of containers! I am getting quite the collection. Good thing I have room in my mansion to store them. Oh wait....Seriously, if you come to my house, don't be surprised if you find glass containers stored in the pantry, coat closet or bathroom. The storage situation is getting out of control!!

For a signature cocktail, I wanted to do something Texas themed. I googled "Texas Martini" and what do you know?! There is one! Here is the link:

The recipe? 

Triple Sec
Jalapeno Stuffed Olive

It was a hit!

And finally, the grand finale... This beautiful Texas cake made by the fabulous Ella Art. If you are in Charlotte, use Ella Art! She is actually in Fort Mill, but they deliver! Her cakes are the most delicious cakes I have ever tasted, and they are always beautiful. I loved the way this turned out!

 It was a great event, and the guest of honor was very happy! 

I am off to brave the cold in NJ this weekend to visit my family for the holidays. I will spend some time in NYC with my cousins looking at the tree and doing other holiday touristy things. 
I love New York at Christmastime and am so lucky to be going!

I hope you all have a wonderful, fabulous and lovely weekend!


  1. you have gotten really great at doing flower arrangements.

  2. Celebrated my sister’s wedding here and what I hear was supposed to be a very stressful day ended up going very smoothly and it is all thanks to their amazing staff!