Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Brown Paper Packages ... tied up with string!

Hello Blog World and Merry Christmas Week! I have enjoyed myself relaxing, baking and shopping! And WRAPPING! 

Normally I go with the glitzy, glittery stuff that gets all over the house. This year? I went a more simple route! For the past few years I have admired the pictures of simple brown kraft paper as wrapping paper. After searching all over town for the paper ( I found it at Staples for CHEAP), I went to town!

Using simple paper gives the presents a vintage look, and also makes your "accoutremon" (as my friend Michael pronounces it -aka accoutrement) really stand out. I used ribbon, scrapbook paper, yarn, ornaments and glittery accents to make the presents pop!

Instead of traditional gift tags, I bought a book of Christmas scrapbook paper (Martha Stewart of course) and used my craft puncher and scissors to cut out fun tags. It added another unique element to the plain paper!

Check out this fabulous candy cane striped ribbon I found at Michael's. Note - the below gift is for my brother-in-law Michael, who made fun of my wrapping scheme. Hmm.... maybe Santa will take your presents back. 

So do as the the song says, and wrap your presents in Brown Paper Packaging! I promise, you will have fun with it! 

Come back for my next post where I will show you a quick and CHEAP idea for a Christmas table decoration! 


  1. Love it! That's how I wrap all my business packages. It's such a simple, pretty way to do it. :)

  2. LOVE kraft paper! Everything looks so pretty! (p.s. we say accoutremon with a snobby accent too! heehee) Happy Holidays!!!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  3. i used kraft paper this year too along with decorative tape or strings!

  4. these look awesome! love the kraft paper.
    PS Hurry with the table idea! I have to to do my table tomorrow and need an idea!

  5. They are beautiful! I may have to pick up some Kraft paper for next years gifts :)

  6. Oh love it missy! Cute packages : ) I really like the ones with the bells on them!!!!!


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