Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ribbon crazed!

 A Happy Tuesday to you!

Today I am going to talk about one of my many obsessions. Can you guess which one it is?

No, not pasta... or baking.... or Grey's Anatomy reruns.... magazines... wine... beer... or any type of cocktail...not cheese...

It's RIBBON! I HEART RIBBON! I wish I had an entire room that looked like this:

What could I do with all of this ribbon, you may be asking? Am I Santa Claus and I have a billion gifts to wrap? No! Think outside the box people! Look at all the simple ways to use ribbon to decorate your fabulous soirees....

Easy DIY Ribbon Bunting

(Lost the link for this one, sorry!)

There are SO many ways to use ribbon to create pretty napkins for a dinner party...

I absolutely LOVE these ribbon table runners... they add such a punch of color and are super unique! Plus, you know these are way cheaper than a tablecloth...word.

 I am working with a bride for a June wedding next year. Her ceremony will be outdoors and we are using the idea of ribbons hanging from trees to decorate the "altar area." I love this idea and was so happy when the bride loved it too! 

Speaking of weddings, how wonderful is this DIY ribbon place card holder? This looks so much prettier than just putting the cards out on the table... BOOOORING.

Use ribbons to dress up a plain vase... I have used this trick several times for my parties. It's super easy!

And finally, just in time for the season... ribbon accented mini pumpkins! The mini pumpkins are being sold at my grocery store for 2 for $1, so use these as a cheap fall centerpiece!

So there you have it... I think I gave you a good excuse to get some ribbon! Just play around with it and you will see it is incredibly versatile...I always buy it on clearance and find a use for it down the road!

Happy Ribbon-ing!


  1. Oh I HEART ribbon to! I have a huge box of it that needs to be organized like your first pic!! Lovin the ribbon on the pumpkin...simple and sweet : )

  2. ohhh I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE ribbon too! I get to use it on a daily basis!

  3. I love ribbon too, although I am terrible at tying them! Thanks for putting together such a great roundup of ribbon pictures!

  4. A bunting project I could actually do? Awesome!

  5. I think we're secretly related.

  6. I love ribbon too! I have a ribbon box, but wish I had a ribbon room.
    I love those little pumpkins...too cute.

  7. Love the ribbon-wrapped pumpkins! :)