Wednesday, October 20, 2010

30th Birthday Celebration - Mountainy style!

As I mentioned in last week's post, it was my recently brother-in-law Michael's 30th birthday! Clearly, I am still recovering as I am just now posting about it! We had a fabulous  mountain weekend celebration in Blowing Rock, North Carolina! 

My sister-in-law Drew enlisted my help with the party details... take a look!

Welcome bags for all the guests - complete with personalized stickers from Vista Print, a weekend itinerary and Michael's favorite goodies...

 Michael's favorite things consist of: Moonpies, Gin, Peeps, Beef Jerkey - The Breakfast of Champions!

In addition to the welcome bags, weekend guests drove up the curvy, mountainous driveway to be greeted by this fabulous banner! (Also ordered from Vista Print)

 I took some pictures of the birthday boy and plastered birthday signs around the house...

... and put his face on some garland...

... and I used some Michael pictures for a guessing game...Guess how many pictures of Michael are in this glass?!

... I also used his face on some party confetti!...

We played a fabulous game of Michael Heid Trivia...I created this using a simple Word document..

 Would you care for a Michael Heid mint on your pillow? A perk for every weekend guest!

...How about morning beverages on Saturday? Mimosas and Bloody Marys with custom cups and drink stirrers are a great way to wake up! 

In addition to many "Michael-themed" items, I also made a double batch of chocolate chip cookies (Nestle Tollhouse recipe - why compete with the best?)

...and a double batch of pumpkin muffins - I suggest this recipe HERE - it's amazing!

We had to get Michael a cake that really exemplified his true love - that would be Apple computer products!

Hail to the IPhone!

In addition to the personal touches, there were some pretty fantastic views this weekend! 

A mountain view from our front porch...

My adorable niece Brookie... check her out reading People magazine - she takes after her Aunt Jackie!

... and Brookie in her mountain gear - a puffy vest and boots!

... but arguably, the best view is of Mr. Fo's and my birthday gift to Michael - his very own custom bobble head doll! We ordered this one of a kind gift from

Do you recognize that bobble from the top left picture in the shots below?! Gin and tonic and all, it's pretty much an exact replica for Michael to have on his desk forever... of himself! Can't be beat!

The weekend was a proper tribute to a fabulous 30 year old! Happy Birthday Michael!
(Now your birthday week is officially over - time to move on to my birthday month!)


  1. Fun!
    Your niece is adorable! Love the pic of her w/ the magazine.
    How did I not know about custom bobble heads? Thank you, my life is much more complete now. :) I have the check them out immediately.

  2. OMG that looks like you had a blast! You did such a great job on everything : )

  3. Your brother Michael is one lucky guy to have a sister that would think of absolutely everything for his 30th birthday. You went above and beyond with your creativity for this event. The locale was beautiful, I'm sure all the guests hated to leave, even with their loot bags from your SIL.
    Your niece is a little sweetheart.

  4. Everyone I know is now getting a custom bobblehead for Christmas!

  5. Wow! You really pulled out all the stops for him! Can't believe all the customized games. That was so sweet of you to put so much effort into his birthday. And I MUST have a bobblehead!!!

  6. Oh my gosh, that bobble head is amazing!!

  7. Looks like a perfect Birthday weekend! I absolutely love Blowing Rock, such a beautiful place in the Fall. Your personal touches are so creative and thanks for sharing the custom bobble head website, it's amazing!

  8. fuuuuuuudge- i want to steal EVERY part of this for the next birthday i throw!!!