Tuesday, September 14, 2010

True Blood Season Finale Party!

After posting about the True Blood finale party invitations that Michael sent out (SEE POST HERE), my friends became almost obsessive about seeing the party pics. That's just how legendary Michael's parties have become around here. Thank God he doesn't want to do this for a living. Whew - don't need that competition up in here. (Love you bunches Michael.)

Without further ado, here are the pictures. If you are a True Blood fan, you will love all the little touches. If you aren't a True Blood fan, I must say a) Why not? b) there are only 3 seasons, please rent on Netflix and c) you will still think this is a fabulous party. In fact, I think the party was better than the somewhat lackluster finale... do you agree?

For the drink table, Michael included Talbot Juice ... the juice of Russell's murdered lovaaaaaaaaaah. Hate you Russell!  So glad you are buried alive for 100 years!


Talbot even had his own special memoriam set up at the party. RIP Talbot. 

Michael ordered fabulous red glasses and plates for the party... red for blood duh. The picture is blurry and terrible but you can see the fabulous red color. 

For party favors, Michael bought several copies of the much talked about Rolling Stone cover with Sookie, Bill and Eric on the cover. 

Team Eric! If I was 15, I would so put this on my locker - Tiger Beat style.

Taxidermy animals... you know, I think this is a great use for all those taxidermy animals you have laying around. Side note, one time Mr. Fo and I were driving home from the beach and we saw this taxidermy store called "Stuffy's." Hahahaha. I am sorry for you animal activists out there, but you know it's clever.


Michael even managed to steal a beer glass from Merlotte's!

There were candles dripping with blood... 

Cupcakes dripping with blood...

Even a REAL human arm dripping with blood (Not real .... come ON)

Garlic to keep the vamps away... That must really work, we didn't see a vampire all night... 

oh WAIT ... here's a vampire, it's me! To be politically correct, let's just say that my fanger attire was "A vampire for sale..." Get it? For sale?

And so you guys don't have to say it, because I KNOW you are all thinking it, How good do fangs look on me?! Right?! They look downright FANG-TASTIC... FANG-ULOUS..... that's pretty much it for the play on words I think.

Mr. Fo came as Lafayette.... he looked awesome . Plus he was comfortable, which must have been nice. I can assure you, I was the opposite of comfortable. Sorry for the poor picture quality, this was taken with a phone camera.

In general, the costumes at the party were fabulous. There was a wonderful Sophie Ann, The Vampire Queen all dressed up in a white suit and pearls. There was a Sookie as a Merlotte's waitress and even a Sam Merlotte. But, if I HAD to pick best costume, I would pick me. Because this is my blog and I can. :)

Michael - thanks for another fabulous party... I can't wait for your Halloween bash!


  1. looks great!
    i really need to watch this show, i know i'd love it!

  2. wow! Serious fun theme party:-)

  3. OMG I LOVE IT!!!! I also LOOOOVE TB!

    Each detail is sooo fun and fabulous! Going to share it on facebook!

  4. ok just had to post again that your husband as lafayette is beyond hysterical and i love that he dressed the part!

    i am making my husband be frankenstein for halloween to match our invites!

  5. This looks great! Oh, how I wish to have my own TB-party :)

  6. The party looks like so much fun! I love all of the TB touches and I love that your husband went as Lafayette, so fun! I agree with you that after what I consider an awesome season, the finale left something to be desired. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I've never seen True Blood, but I don't think I need to in order to tell that your party was awesome!! Love the moody black and red and melty candle wax and taxidermy animals--WHAT? You pulled out all the stops, girl!

  8. Oh my gosh...I just burst out laughing about being a vampire for sale! :)

    This turned out really, really great!!

  9. That is such an awesome post! Wish I was invited!!

  10. I love this party-- the rolling stone details are superb!