Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fabulousness: FALL EDITION!

With the temperature finally dropping here in the South, I am finally starting to feel like it's fall! To celebrate my favorite season, I decided to do a Fabulousness around the Web: Fall Edition! Check out Fabulousness from around the web editions 1, 2 and 3!

Note: I say that every season is my favorite season at the beginning of the season.... and yes, I realize that I used the word "season" excessively just then. My point is that I get really excited for the change of season, and it makes me think it's my favorite season. (UMMM why can't I stop saying "season?"!)

Please check out these tablescape from the fantastic Pizzazerie entertaining blog. I love the acorns as well as the green and brown color combination. I wish I was sitting at this table right NOW! See the whole drool worthy post HERE.

For the next touch of fall fabulousness, Katie Grace Designs created an AMAZING dessert table! I love the use of hay, orange and white polka dots and the ridiculously creative pine cone chandeliers! Who would ever think of that?!  See the full post HERE.

 I love the individual pumpkin trifles...

And the popcorn balls on a stick... adorable!

This next fab idea is a healthy breakfast recipe using pumpkin. Pumpkin is a fall staple and it's actually really good for you!  This is a crock pot pumpkin oatmeal recipe! How delicious does this look? You can find the recipe at Laloosh HERE.

Here's an age old question...why buy orange pumpkins when you can buy elegant white pumpkins? They shouldn't be hard to find; there are about a thousand for sale outside my local grocery store. Look at the below compilation of pictures from Martha Stewart via Oh Baby Shower Decor, one of my favorite blogs! I especially love the white pumpkin flower vase... See the post HERE.

Next up, more creativity with pumpkins... makes me think I should have done a separate pumpkin post! Need a fall themed chip and dip bowl? Use a pumpkin, gourd or squash! See the post HERE!

Doesn't all this make you want to buy some pumpkins and bask in the changing of the leaves? That's what I plan on doing for the next few weeks... hold my calls ;)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mr. Fo's birthday

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am so sorry for the lack of blogging! I have been quite the busy bee and have had lots going on. BUT - back to regular blogging! I have missed it!

For Mr. Fo's birthday, he didn't want anything too big... after all, how can anything compete with the fabulous 30th birthday bash I threw last year?! 

So we just did a little dinner at home. When I asked what he wanted to eat, his answer was that of a 5 year old: Chicken Fingers and French Fries. I must say, I was a little disappointed as I was prepared to make some sort of fabulous meal. But, the birthday boy rules in this case. So i set off to make the most fabulous meal of Bar type food in history... in fact, I created a "Stu's Bar" theme for our dinner. Take a look!

For our appetizer course, I made mozzarella sticks! This was surprisingly easy, thanks to the fabulous Giada. Seriously, try her recipe - it's 'da bomb. 

Next up, panko encrusted chicken fingers with homemade potato wedges.

 Note that this particular chicken finger looks exactly like a seahorse... weird, right?

I must say, this was some of the best bar food I have ever had! And it was so easy and a cheap meal! Perfect for kids (or a 31 year old man....hmmm). We finished off the night with his annual birthday treat, carrot cake from a super secret top recipe. This year I made cupcakes (mini and regular, of course):

Here's Mr. Fo blowing out his candles:

We had some prosecco (not very bar food themed, but I like to mix it up). PLUS - the prosecco was called Ti amo, which means "I love you" in Italian, I'm a sucker for anything Italian:

Note that Mr. Fo also started off his morning with a breakfast of champions, a Bojangles biscuit. If you don't have Bojangles where you are, you should drive down here and get some - it's that good. And for those of you judging me that I am pumping my husband's arteries full of trans fat and other death ingredients, I am of the mindset that on your birthday you can eat whatever you want. I mean, let's be honest, nobody wants a salad on their birthday. That's just asinine.

Here is Stu's Bar tablescape: 

As you can tell, everything was "beer themed," with the beer steins as flower vases and all! Mr. Fo really appreciated it and we had a lovely little dinner for just the two of us! 

Happy birthday again Mr. Fo! I love you :)

A few recent changes at Jackie Fo: 

- If you look at the top of the of my blog, you will see a new page called "Party Posts!" I consolidated all of my parties on one page so you can find them easier!
- Fo Fabulous Custom Party Package Update - After getting quite a few party package orders lately, I decided to raise my price from $30 to $45. It takes me quite a while to create a party package, so I decided to raise my prices due to demand. Believe me, it's still a GREAT deal! 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, September 24, 2010


My sincerest apologies for the lack of blogging the past 2 weeks. I don't know HOW you guys have gone on with your lives without my rambling posts, but I assume you are still alive SOMEHOW. I have been super busy (blah blah excuses)... but seriously, I have. 

New post this weekend - I guarantee it! Here's to Friday!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

True Blood Season Finale Party!

After posting about the True Blood finale party invitations that Michael sent out (SEE POST HERE), my friends became almost obsessive about seeing the party pics. That's just how legendary Michael's parties have become around here. Thank God he doesn't want to do this for a living. Whew - don't need that competition up in here. (Love you bunches Michael.)

Without further ado, here are the pictures. If you are a True Blood fan, you will love all the little touches. If you aren't a True Blood fan, I must say a) Why not? b) there are only 3 seasons, please rent on Netflix and c) you will still think this is a fabulous party. In fact, I think the party was better than the somewhat lackluster finale... do you agree?

For the drink table, Michael included Talbot Juice ... the juice of Russell's murdered lovaaaaaaaaaah. Hate you Russell!  So glad you are buried alive for 100 years!


Talbot even had his own special memoriam set up at the party. RIP Talbot. 

Michael ordered fabulous red glasses and plates for the party... red for blood duh. The picture is blurry and terrible but you can see the fabulous red color. 

For party favors, Michael bought several copies of the much talked about Rolling Stone cover with Sookie, Bill and Eric on the cover. 

Team Eric! If I was 15, I would so put this on my locker - Tiger Beat style.

Taxidermy animals... you know, I think this is a great use for all those taxidermy animals you have laying around. Side note, one time Mr. Fo and I were driving home from the beach and we saw this taxidermy store called "Stuffy's." Hahahaha. I am sorry for you animal activists out there, but you know it's clever.


Michael even managed to steal a beer glass from Merlotte's!

There were candles dripping with blood... 

Cupcakes dripping with blood...

Even a REAL human arm dripping with blood (Not real .... come ON)

Garlic to keep the vamps away... That must really work, we didn't see a vampire all night... 

oh WAIT ... here's a vampire, it's me! To be politically correct, let's just say that my fanger attire was "A vampire for sale..." Get it? For sale?

And so you guys don't have to say it, because I KNOW you are all thinking it, How good do fangs look on me?! Right?! They look downright FANG-TASTIC... FANG-ULOUS..... that's pretty much it for the play on words I think.

Mr. Fo came as Lafayette.... he looked awesome . Plus he was comfortable, which must have been nice. I can assure you, I was the opposite of comfortable. Sorry for the poor picture quality, this was taken with a phone camera.

In general, the costumes at the party were fabulous. There was a wonderful Sophie Ann, The Vampire Queen all dressed up in a white suit and pearls. There was a Sookie as a Merlotte's waitress and even a Sam Merlotte. But, if I HAD to pick best costume, I would pick me. Because this is my blog and I can. :)

Michael - thanks for another fabulous party... I can't wait for your Halloween bash!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Low Country Bash!

A New Jersey native planning a southern Low Country Bash? I am here to prove it CAN be done :)

For the past few months, I have been planning a fundraising event for a local non-profit, the . You can read more about the Trolley's historic preservation mission on their website.

Jackie Fogartie Events is a sponsor of this event, and I am chairing the event as well, so I (and the fabulous event committee) am working extra hard to make this a fabulous event! In fact, it's one of those things where I wake up at 4 a.m., have an idea, and can't go back to sleep unless I write it down. Then in the morning, I see a random note on the back of a book jacket on my nightstand and I'm like, what the hell does THAT mean?!

My random night writing aside, we are way ahead of schedule with this event. We have hired a wonderful caterer, Spicy Sunshine, who is doing a traditional low country boil as well as an awesome bluegrass band to provide the entertainment. Add in beer, wine and a kick-ass raffle, and this is a party that can't be missed! Here is the invitation - definitely think about buying a ticket if you are in the Charlotte area!

My favorite part of planning most events is the decor, and how to tie in the theme of the party with each decor element. For this event, I am trying to come up with creative yet budget friendly ideas. Here are some Low Country Bash ideas I have been looking at:

Mason Jars are a key element to any southern bash. I am thinking about filling jars with white daisies and tying them with raffia. A simple centerpiece for the tables that won't break the bank.

Speaking of tables, we are deciding between covering the tables in newspaper or using red and white checked tablecloths. 

 A typical low country boil is dumped out on a newspaper covered table. I love this idea for it's authenticity.

On the other hand, you can't go wrong with red and white gingham for a country feel, right? Decisions, decisions.

Next up, bales of hay. I have been concerned about where to find hay as a) I don't own a farm and b) don't know anyone who owns a farm. Then I went to Michael's and saw decorative hay stacks, which is just fantastic and eased my hay concerns. I feel like I need to find an old wagon wheel to lean up against these stacks of hay... but again, I don't own a wagon or know anyone who owns a wagon. I wish I did because then we could play a real life version of Oregon Trail, which is the greatest computer game ever - typhoid fever and all. But I digress. 

So I LOVE love love love these vintage tin jars. I don't exactly know how I will use these, but I know that I need them and I need them now. Where should I get them for cheap? Goodwill? Any ideas friends?

Keeping with the vintage country theme, you know I will be on the hunt for some vintage metal signs. 

Another decorating challenge is the old trolley that sits in the museum. It doesn't need much decoration as it simply oozes vintage charm all by itself. But I can never leave well enough alone and am thinking of attaching some hanging vases to the trolley seats. Below is an example of hanging flowers, but I am thinking more along the lines of small mason jar vases or galvanized buckets - what do you think?

Or I could just string some lights in the trolley - wouldn't that be pretty?

I am also playing with the ideas of rocking chairs (so expensive to rent!), chair decorations, custom confetti and tons of other ideas. And who knows what will come to me in the middle of the night?! 

So here is my question to all you real southerners out there - what are some good country touches for my Low Country Bash? Help a Jersey girl out, will you please?! I promise that if you ever throw a Big Hair Jersey Bash, I will help you out to repay the favor :)

Have a fantastic weekend!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Vampire/ Halloween Invitation Idea!

I know I have talked about my friend Michael on this blog before. You know, Michael? My fabulous gay? Well, Michael and I, along with most of America have fallen for the latest vampire craze, HBO's fantastically gory True Blood. So you can imagine my delight when I received the following invite in the mail for a True Blood season finale party, hosted by the fabulous Michael. In typical Michael fashion, the invites were over the top, creative and crafty. 

I opened up the box to find a small unmarked coffin. Hmm, a little weird to get on a Tuesday afternoon, but I was intrigued.

When I opened my mini coffin, I found a weathered looking scroll. The scroll had burned edges and was sealed with black skull. Of course it was.

Lucky me! I have been invited to a True Blood Season 3 finale party! I am looking forward to a fantastic evening of Sookie, Bill, Eric and all the crazy plot twists True Blood has to offer. 

And of course, I can't forget my all too important "Fanger Attire." Hee-hee.

Seriously, how fabulous is Michael?! Is this not perfect for a Halloween party invite? Michael ordered the mini coffins online and stained them to make them look "weathered." He typed out the invitation using a creepy font and used a thick, vintage looking paper. My favorite part was the burned edges, which he did with a lighter. 

After seeing this amazing invitation, I can't wait to see Michael pull out all the stops for the True Blood party next weekend. I will post the pictures after the party!

Have a fantastic week everyone!!