Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Crazy-Ass Cupcake Recipes

It's a well documented fact that I love all things cupcake, so when Mr. Fo sent an email entitled "CrazyAss Cupcakes Recipes," I knew I had to take a look. The article is actually called "Savory Cupcakes," but I think Mr. Fo's take on it is simply more accurate and definitely more humorous.

Btw, Mr. Fo just stumbled across this article during his daily Internet wanderings, and thought I would enjoy. He doesn't typically google cupcake recipes. OR DOES HE? What if he was the brains behind the whole operation. Like he was really Jackie Fo, and I, the real Jackie Fo, hated all things baking and party planning. Hmmm? Guess you'll never know.

First things first, the article is from the wonderful foodie site Delish. Delish has an awesome collection of seasonal recipes from tons of publications and Internet sites. I highly recommend it. Read the article HERE. I am going to pick out some of my favorite crazy-ass cupcake recipes to discuss.

Maple Bacon Cupcake

photo credit: Photo courtesy of Molly Landreth/Kumquat Cupcakery

There is this weird thing happening with bacon. People want to put it in everything... places where bacon just doesn't belong. I guess I am not an equal opportunity foodie. I am not a HUGE bacon fan (I know, it's SO blasphemous), but I can admit that this bacon cupcake (from Kumquat Cupcakery in Brooklyn) looks adorable. But do I want to eat it? Not so much. Bacon with my pancakes, yes please. Bacon cupcakes? Eh.

Tomato Basil Parmesan

photo credit: Courtesy of Bliss Cupcake Café

 My Italian blood can  DEFINITELY get  on board with this tomato-basil concoction. Although, let's be serious: This is not a cupcake. It's more like a dinner roll/muffin situation. Although it IS from a place called Bliss Cupcake Cafe, which coincidentally is in Arkansas about 20 minutes from where my in-laws live. Bliss claims to have the finest cupcake in all of NW Arkansas! Art and Sus - we must take a visit the next time I am in town  :)

The Lox

photo credit: Photo courtesy of Cecelia Henricks

I actually LOVE lox and and cream cheese on a bagel, so I could definitely see this making an interesting brunch option. Again, not a dessert cupcake by any means, but definitely a cool idea. I guess as long as you put it something in a cupcake wrapper, it's considered a cupcake? If I put a slice of pizza in a large cupcake wrapper, could I call it a pizza cupcake? Anywho, this brunch treat comes from It's a CupCake in Philadelphia, a shop that specializes in savory cupcakes. 

 Chocolate Covered Potato Chip

photo credit: Photo courtesy of Over the Rainbow Cupcakes

This cupcake actually looks delicious. Talk about the perfect sweet and salty combination, plus that chip dipped in chocolate and then drizzled in white chocolate? It's practically a work of art. This creative cupcake comes from Over the Rainbow Cupcakes in Palm Beach. Fittingly, this treat is on their "Wild Side" menu.

Chicken 'n' Waffles

photo credit: Photo courtesy of Desmond Chow/Robicelli's
No, it's not just a Ludacris album. It's a cupcake! A vanilla waffle cupcake with a fried chicken topper, I give this one major points for thinking outside the box. This inventive creation comes from Robicelli's Cupcakes in Brooklyn, where they churn out a different crop of cupcakes each week.

Well, there you have it - take a look at the full article HERE to check out even more "crazy-ass cupcakes." I am weirdly hungry now... maybe I will go pick 4 random ingredients from my pantry and try to whip up a cupcake. Who knows, it could be a winner!


  1. The bacon one looks delish! I love bacon and sweets together! Cute post!

  2. OH GOD...funky cupcakes...okay I will try on, but please have a devil's food with white icing at the ready in case there needs to be an intervention. (this is greandpa Fo)

  3. those are some crazy cupcakes but they do look like they might be good :-)

  4. So weird but so original! I moght give it a try!

  5. The only one i'd eat is the potato chip one. I love bacon, but not with anything sweet. They were actually talking about bacon cupcakes at the conference I went to last weekend -- they are everywhere lately!
    I guess there are no limits to cupcake creativity...:)

  6. I would totes go for the potato chip yummy!

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  8. I think I could totally eat the potato chip/cupcake combo. Salty & sweet is always good! :)

  9. A potatoe dipped in chocolate. What creativity. I love it.

  10. Bacon cupcakes are actually to die for! Trust me! Amazing! It tastes like bacon and pancakes.

  11. I AM SOOOO DOING ALL OF THESE RECIPES! Not only are they different they look yummy!

  12. I promise that the bacon cupcakes are UHMAZING. I made them for a big get-together and every one loved them! There was not one left... so so so good. ^_^