Monday, August 2, 2010

Brooke's Baptism Photos!

I am SO exited to share these photos with you. I had such a great time planning this party for my adorable niece, Brooke. There are loads of photos to be shared, so I suggest sitting back with a cup of coffee or a box of wine and putting your feet up. Prepare for extreme prettiness!

A little background to start. Drew (Mr. Fo's sister) wanted the baptism to occur at their house. How can this happen, you may ask? Well Mr. Fo Senior (my father-in-law) happens to be a 4th generation Presbyterian minister. So Mr. Fo Sr., looking dashing as usual, baptized baby Brookie right on the deck in front of family and close friends. Mr. Fo Jr. and I proudly stood up at the front as the "unofficial" godparents, and the baby smiled the whole way through. It was very touching.

The proud parents, Drew and Michael, wanted a casual but elegant vibe. So we served pulled pork barbecue and lots and lots of pink!


Drew loves flowers, so I wanted make sure I used flowers as the main decor item. All of the flowers were arranged in mason jars tied with raffia for a country farmhouse feel that paired well with the barbecue. I was nervous about handling the arrangements, as there were about 20 to do, but they turned out really well!

Here are the arrangements before I placed them around the party. (Confession: I did NOT arrange the large one in the back - that was done by a professional! All of the others were mine though!)

I placed about 12 mason jar arrangements on the railing of the deck where the ceremony was being held.

Indoors, flower arrangements were clustered together on top of pink flower place mats I found for next to nothing at Marshalls Home Goods.

Here are some close-ups of my favorite arrangements:

And of course, the Jackie Fo signature bathroom flower.

I initially had grandiose plans of getting up at the crack of dawn the day before the party to scour local farmers markets and grocery stores for the best deals. But I ended up only having to go to the Fresh Market for all of the flowers. While the Fresh Market has expensive gourmet food, they have absolutely gorgeous flowers for a reasonable price. Thank you Fresh Market for making my job easy! And thanks to Drew for picking up several bouquets for me to save me a trip. She's the best client ever. (And the best sister-in-law.)

General Decor:

I used A Blissful Nest's tutorial to make this tissue paper wreath for the front door. It was super easy and inexpensive. I used a wreath base purchased at the dollar store. The whole project cost me about $4 after purchasing the tissue paper. Can't beat that!

For the mantel, I kept it simple with a cute picture of Brooke (with pink ribbon threaded through the frame) and flower arrangements flanking either side.

The centerpiece on the food table was also easy and inexpensive. I used 3 glass cylinders and filled them with white scrunchy paper bought at the dollar store. The "faux flowers" were placed in the jars for a punch of color. I used double sided tape to glue 2 pictures of Brookie to a wooden skewer which I then stuck down in the jar.

I wrapped the pink silverware in white napkins and tied with a piece of raffia. A pink "B" cutout was the finishing touch. I also created a menu which I framed.

Many of the men used their "B" as a wardrobe accessory, which made me smile. Men like accessories too :)

I rented plain white chairs for the occasion, but I wanted to dress them up a bit. After obsessively thinking about how to add some oomph to the chairs, and several wandering walks around Michael's craft store, I came up with an idea. I took pieces of grosgrain ribbon and glued on white flowers for a simple sweet touch. I thought about using 3 pieces of ribbon per chair, but I liked the look of just one. This was also inexpensive but made a big impact.

A simple card table with a white tablecloth was placed outside as well. The table held the water for the baptism, a large arrangement (the "professional arrangement!") and a Bible.

Another personal touch I added was pictures of Drew and Michael on their baptism days. It's always fun for people to see a "blast from the past!" I found white frames and glued tissue paper to the borders. I then placed the pictures inside the tissue paper border.

I also scattered white and pink "Bs" around the party.

The drinks table had more pink and more "Bs!" I served pink lemonade, water bottles and red and white wine. I made special drink stirrers with a pink tissue paper "pouf" on top. (NOTE: All tissue paper items I made used the tissue paper technique I learned from A Blissful Nest. Just cut out squares of tissue paper, twist it into a point and glue onto your surface. Easy!)

I ordered water bottle labels from Bottle Your Brand. These labels are amazing and don't bleed through when wet. Everyone loved the "B for Brooke" water!

For the wine bottles, I made my own labels. They turned out well, but the white wine labels bled through due to the condensation. Next time I will order the wine bottle labels from Bottle Your Brand, as well.

I regret not getting a head-on picture of the dessert table once the cake was put out. But I did get all of the elements separately.

I ordered the beautiful cake from Ella Art, in Fort Mill, SC. I can't say enough good things about this cake. It was gorgeous and tasted amazing! When ordering, I sent Ella a picture of a cake that I loved, but it was pale green. I asked her to keep the cake the same but change the base color to pale pink. She did exactly as I asked and the cake was pure perfection.

I also tried my hand at piping out meringue cookies in pink and white. They turned out lovely and delicious! I bought the adorable pink cake stand at Marshall's Home Goods. That store is full of great finds.

Family Photo Time:

Here is the happy family - check out Brooke's grin! She was grinning like that the whole day! Also, it's hard to tell in the picture, but she and her dad are twins with matching red hair!

Here are Mr. Fo and I - the happy godparents! We have our first overnight babysitting adventure coming up in a few weeks! Yikes! Brooke looks scared too ;)

I am such a baby hog. I see her all the time, but I couldn't resist holding her for a few pictures!
Look at those chubby cheeks! (I am speaking of mine and hers, of course. When I was a baby, my cheeks made Brooke's look skinny. I couldn't hold my head up due to the severe weight of my cheeks (not a joke). My grandma called me Puffy. It's cool, I have recovered nicely.)

After the party, the baby was still going strong. We put a bunch of flower arrangements around her to replicate those creepy Anne Geddes baby pictures. She clearly didn't mind.

On the other hand, here I am after the party - the pooped party planner. But it was definitely worth it!

I hope you all had as pleasant a weekend as I did!


  1. love it all, and I LOVE BYB! The flowers are great!

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  3. It was SUCH an amazing day. Thank you so much, Jackie. Everything was elegant and put together - a perfect event! And from the Best Aunt/Godmother EVER!! Love you.

  4. Precious baby and party! Personal fav from this event was all your flower arrangements! My niece was baptized last weekend and I too am a total "baby hog" - they are just too adorable!

  5. Oh how cute!! Everything turned out so good and Brooke is such a cutie! :)

  6. Great pics! The party looks amazing.

  7. You did such a great job! Love what you did with the chairs. And your meringue's turned out perfectly. And the flower arrangements: wow! I am not a good flower-arranger, its so much harder than it looks!

  8. What a fabulous event! What awonderful Auntie you are! Brooke is stunning and your party totally rocks! Thank you for sharing!

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  10. Before I even look at the pictures, I am cracking up over the suggestion of grabbing a cup of coffee or a BOX of wine. Tip it!

  11. Everything you did for this party was so sweet and original. The water bottle wrappers and the daisy drops at the back of the chairs were such a cute touch. What a lucky little niece you have and such a sweetie too!

  12. I'm very impressed by your blogs! You're obviously very talented, Jackie.

  13. So beautiful! That cake is amazing! You should just save it all for a few years and you'll be all ready for her wedding. :-)

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