Friday, August 13, 2010

Bottles and Sleep Sacks and Diapers Oh My!

A PROGRAMMING NOTE: Apologies for two posts in a row that have nothing to do with parties or food. But this must be shared with my fine readers.

Here is what our guest room will look like this weekend:

That's right. Mr. Fo and I are in charge of a baby this weekend. Ummm... YIKES. The baby in question is of course baby Brookie, our six month old niece. You can check out her adorable face HERE at the baptism party I planned for her.

We will be watching her for a whopping two full days. Please see the diaper amount I was provided:

If you think that looks like 100 diapers, you are correct. If I have to change 100 diapers in two days then (a) the baby might have a stomach issue and (b) I might die.

Here are some other fun items that make a baby's world go round:

Bottles and Formula...Word on the street is that babies like milk.

In addition to the terrible smelling milk she is forced to consume, Brooke has moved up in the food world. She now eats some grainy concoction called "rice cereal" and of course, the classic mashed up fruit and veggies. Note that they are organic - I totally approve. No genetically engineered ingredients for my niece. I've seen Food, Inc. (You should too.)

See all of her cute little baby clothes and toys in her very own PERSONALIZED overnight bag. Or should I say, her trendy mini collapsible basket. SO cute, right?! She is already so stylish. Well, she is my niece, so I guess it's to be expected.

Here's a close-up of one of her favorite toys, the SUPER originally named "Mr. Giraffe." Side Note: Mr. Fo wholeheartedly disapproves of the way Brooke's toys are named. For example, her favorite toy is a little lion. He is aptly named, "Mr. Lion." Mr. Fo doesn't want Brookie to go her whole life thinking that all animals have a "Mr." in front of them. He's just plain ridiculous.

The giraffe that you see above is a plastic squeak toy that resembles a dog toy. I thought Drew had picked it up in a moment of desperation at the Rite Aid or something. You can imagine my surprise when Drew informed me that this seemingly plain toy is actually super popular with the Hollywood Moms. Apparently, Sandra Bullock is a fan. The giraffe's actual name? Sophie. Sophie the Giraffe. (So I guess we should change her name to Mrs. Giraffe?) Read more about this famous toy HERE. Apparently it's like the best toy giraffe ever. If IT IS the best toy giraffe ever, I expect it to be bedazzled or something. It really looks quite average. But enough about Sophie.

Baby land is just a different world. With its very own baby land jargon. Some of my newly learned words:

Sleep Sack (Why do we put babies in a footless sack? It just seems mean.)
Pac N' Play (I get it... because you pack it up... but babies don't really play in it, they sleep in it.)
Bumpo (No clue about this one.)
Binky (If my life depended on it, I couldn't tell you if a binky was a pacifier (also known as a "passy"), a blanket, or some sort of stuffed animal)
Dreft (Duh, it's baby laundry detergent - as if you would use Tide on a baby.)
Rice Cereal (It's not rice OR cereal.)

To be honest, I have spent a lot of time with Brooke and am quite good at the diaper changing and feeding process. So I am not really nervous about all this baby stuff. I just know that with Mr. Fo and I watching a baby all by ourselves, hijinks will ensue. Mr. Fo has already attempted to get in the pac n' play, so can you imagine our weekend ahead?

I will fill you in on the baby watching hilarity next week. Have a GREAT weekend and wish me luck in Baby land!


  1. will be GREAT...Grandpa Mr. Fo

  2. I think it is wonderful that you are able to share this time with your niece. Enjoy every moment, even the ones with messy diapers and spit up on your clothes:)

  3. Good luck with the baby! I laughed out loud at your definition of "rice cereal." Spot on!

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