Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Would you like some Watermelon (Cake)?

A few months ago, my mom brought me over a copy of Woman's Day magazine. It was like Christmas day in the Fo house when I saw that this watermelon on the cover was actually a cake.

As soon as I saw this work of art, I knew I had to create it for my 4th of July BBQ. This was the surprise I mentioned in my Independence Day post. The piece de resistance, if you will.

Why have watermelon when you can have a Watermelon Cake?

My cousin and I attempted this cake and I have to give us an A for effort and an A for the finished product. If I could hug a cake, I would hug this cake. IT WAS THAT CUTE!

And did I mention delicious? The recipe calls for cake mix and pudding/pie filling mix. The pudding/pie filling mix made the cake so moist; I will definitely use this easy trick again when making a cake from a box mix.

To answer the pressing question on everyone's mind: No, it is not a watermelon flavored cake. Cousin Lauren's boyfriend was very disappointed to hear this news. Sorry Johnny Rockets.

Here was our step by step process:

Make 2 9-inch cakes using 1 yellow box cake mix (with all the fixins) and 1 package of vanilla pudding/pie filling as mentioned before. Don't skip the pudding mix!

Once cooled, cut into 4 half pieces. If you are ridiculous like we are, you will want to level off the tops of the cakes so they are flat and can stack perfectly on top of each other. That's just how we roll.

Next up, spread a thin layer of frosting between each of the 3 half layers. This will make the main part of the cake. What do you do with the unused half cake? You'll see...

Tint your frosting, one green and one pinkish/red. Playing with food coloring is fun although my fingers were permanently green for days. At this point during the process, nothing had been difficult about this cake at all. We were cruising along, even expecting to be able to take a nap before primping for the party. Once we started the frosting process, we knew there would be no nap in our future. Just hard work and determination. But we fought on.

After frosting the outside "rind" green, we had to make sure the inside was pink and didn't bleed into the green. We were concentrating like high school students taking their SATs; beads of sweat were dripping down our brows. One tiny screw up and our masterpiece could be ruined. (While I am enjoying the dramatization, I actually screwed up several times and it was easily fixable. Just humor me.)

But what is a watermelon without its seeds? For the finishing touch, we used Raisinets. I think next time we would use actual raisins as they look more "seed-like:"

So you see those 3 wedges of watermelon? That is what we did with the 4th half of the layer cake. They were actually much harder to frost than the large piece. Here we are with our final product:

Now my cousin Lauren looks beautiful as always, but could I (girl on the right) look more beat down? You would think I was in the trenches or had run a marathon that day. Nope, just exhausted from frosting my watermelon cake (Totally normal). At least I make it look effortless, right? (NOT.)

In all seriousness, the cake was not all that difficult and just took some concentration while frosting. It was a huge hit and is perfect for summer parties! If you want to impress your guests as the true hostess with the mostess, I highly suggest it.

Come back this week for my next post where I will show pictures of our fun 4th of July BBQ Bash!


  1. this was best cake shaped like a fruit that i've ever eaten

  2. First of all, you look beautiful!! But most importantly, that was the most delicious cake I have ever eaten! Yum, yum Jax!

  3. oh pa-lease! You both look fantastic! Love that you did the extra slices! cute!

    hugs! Kim @ http://frostmeblog.blogspot.com
    party inspiration

  4. You guys did a fabulous job and it looks deeeeeeelicious!

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  5. this cake made me lol.

    it also made me join your blog.

  6. I'm new to your blog and am loving it! This watermelon cake is so adorable -- what a great party dessert.