Thursday, August 5, 2010


It's a sequel baby - Fabulous-ness From Around the Web - PART DEUX. (Apparently I "parlay-voo Fraansay." NOTE: I am totally aware that this is NOT how you spell these French words. It's a little jokey joke.)

Anywho, after my initial "Fabulous-ness around the web" post, I just kept seeing more and more things online that I just couldn't keep to myself. It would be just selfish, and that's not how I roll yo. (That "Yo" was for my father in law who recently asked me, "What's up with the frequent use of "Yo" in your blog?" To which I responded, "If you don't know, I can't tell you... YO.")

Let's stop the silliness and get down to fabulous-ness before you all lose interest.

These mini pie molds from Williams Sonoma are pretty much the most darling things I have ever seen. Let's get one thing straight - individual desserts are awesome. Nobody wants to share their dessert, and by nobody, I mean me. These molds come in an apple and a pumpkin shape, perfect for fall parties.

Apple Pocket Pie Mold

As you can tell from Brooke's Baptism that I just did, I love mason jars. Check out these BLUE mason jars seen on Southern Flourish. Go to her "trusty mason jar post" as she shows you a bunch of different ways to use mason jars.

Let's make a quick transition here, from the homespun country style of apple pie and mason jars to the classic elegance of a Chanel bag. I saw this glamorous bridal shower party from the Dooby Design Group via CK Events Blog.

The amazing event was styled using Black, Pink and White:

There were Chanel style labels:

And of course the classic quilted Chanel bag... as the cake. This is the closest I will ever get to a Chanel bag. Do you think I could get away with carrying around this cake as a Chanel purse? I do.

From Chanel to another sophisticated topic- SHOTS! you crazy party animals.... Not tequila shots. "Shots" as in individually portioned appetizers or desserts. I saw these via a blog I recently discovered, Katie Grace Designs - definitely check it out, it's chock full of great party ideas!

While this is adorable, clearly I would be taking several shot glasses of french fries back to my table.

YUMMM! Dessert shots!

Milk and Cookies - stop it!!!!

And my favorite, from A Cup of Joe, grilled cheese and tomato soup shots.

And for a sweet final touch, how about this incredibly gorgeous cake from My Sweet and Saucy Blog - how talented is she? This cake is almost too pretty to eat. Head to My Sweet and Saucy for gorgeous photos and sweet treats.

<span class=

Well, I hope you enjoyed the fabulous-ness today. I know I have. I think I will continue this series as there is so much talent and so many great ideas out there, I know I will never run out of fabulous ideas to feature!

In Jackie Fo news, thanks for the great response to Brooke's Baptism Party! It was featured on 2 great sites today - Candy and Cake and Catch My Party, which made my day!

Happy ALMOST Friday to everyone!


  1. What a fabulous round up! I love all of the ideas!
    BTW, thank you for your e-mail! I am so behind on getting back to people. I promise I will soon!! =)

  2. agreed! great round-up! p.s. I have those pie molds and swearing I am going to make pie one day lol..

    Kim @
    party inspiration

  3. Just found your fabulous blog!!! I love the Chanel bag cake for Karen...I think I will request that for my next birthday! I especially like the shot of fries....great idea!!

    Karen @

  4. Great round up! Any normal sized food that is served "bite size" is just adorable. Period. My sister Allison is making your mac n' cheese bites for a party this weekend! She loves your blog, obvs.

  5. Yum~ love the dessert shots! The mason jars are my fave;o)