Friday, July 30, 2010

Brooke's Baptism Preview!

Hi there everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I have been working on Brooke's (my niece) baptism party! It's this weekend and I'm so excited! Instead of more Fabulous-ness around the Web as I promised last time, I will be doing a few preview photos of the Baptism Decor. Next week I will do a big post on the party and then do a full report of Fabulous-ness from around the Web.

So, here is what my house has looked like this week:

As you can imagine, Mr. Fo has been super psyched about this. It's like, "Welcome to your life married to an event planner!"

It's all good though. That mess has turned into some really adorable decorations for Brookie. After all, my niece deserves only the best. Let's preview some things, shall we?

I have even been doing a little of this...

... all of this has led me to a little of this....

But who can complain when it's all for someone as cute as this?!

Full party post next week! Happy Friday!


  1. awwww can't wait! Looks lovely!

    hugs! Kim @
    party inspiration

  2. I can't wait to see pics from the party. It looks like it's going to be beautiful!! Good job Jax :)

  3. I love that the photos tell the story!

  4. You are such a tease!
    Can't wait!

  5. She is definitely worth all the work! Are we going to get to see poms?