Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July party pics!

I know, I know, it's delayed a bit. But I was REALLY excited about the watermelon cake I served at this 4th of July party and thought it deserved it's own post. Hence why I did the watermelon post before the 4th of July party recap.

So: Here goes the Party Recap

We had a little 4th of July party to celebrate my cousin visiting. It was so fun and with the exception of making the watermelon cake, a breeze. I bought a few decorations from Target and the Dollar Store, and we had a part-tay!

Here are some pictures:

I hung this frame to the right of the front door. I found the awesome graphic HERE. Simple and to the point. I loved it:

My favorite party decor was the Dollar Store pinwheels which were displayed on the food table and the coffee table. I used some scrunchy red shredded paper in galvanized buckets to stand up the pinwheels. Some money saving party tips? Keep the shredded paper in ziploc bags - Don't throw it away! I know it seems cheap (and it really is) but a) I'm technically unemployed and b) why would I continue to buy 3 dollar bags of shredded paper when I could buy it once and use it over and over again? I have now used this shredded paper on 2 different occasions. Sustainability is super popular right now, making it cool to be frugal.

The food was DELICIOUS if I do say so myself. Mr. Fo did an excellent job of grilling a variety of burgers and dogs on the grill, and my cousin and I whipped up some guacamole, dysfunctional family pasta salad and flag fruit kabobs (more on that below). Some of my fabulous guests brought some delicious treats which added up to quite the smorgasboard and leftovers for days.

I showed a picture of this flag kabob in a previous post. It turned out great! Several people pointed out that we didn't have the correct number of stars and stripes, to which I said, next time why don't you come over before the party and cut and thread fruit onto kabobs to insure they form a historically correct American Flag. In other words, Bite Me.

The 4th of July is also my BFF Kalle's birthday and to celebrate her and her insane love for chocolate we made Barefoot Contessa's Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes. (Moment of silent for Barefoot please. Thank you.) Now, listen up. I am going to need you to stop what you are doing and make these cupcakes immediately. They are rich, and chocolate-ly with a touch of coffee. The ganache is so much prettier and simpler than regular icing and has a shiny, smooth sheen (alliteration - whatup!). It was my first time making a ganache and I was surprised by how easy it was. I will definitely use this recipe again, and even use the ganache recipe alone for other sweet treats. Have I talked about it enough to convince you to make them for your next special occasion? If so, I can rest easy tonight.

For our outside patio, I kept it simple with candles, lanterns and patriotic beer (Pabst Blue Ribbon) in a patriotic beer tin. My mother in law Susan got me the tin from Target when she was visiting last month. Too cute.

Did you happen to catch the enormous citronella candle in the middle of table? That is to ward off the blood sucking mosquitoes that inhabit my patio. Have I told you about my mosquito bite issue? This is not an exaggeration, so please believe me. If there are 7 people out on on my patio, no one will get stung except me. And when I say stung, I get STI-ZUNG. Like 40 times and the bites expand to the size of Texas. So that's awesome and super attractive. Speaking of bug bites, today I got stung by a bee for the first time since like 3rd grade and it hurt like a b*tch. Why do bugs hate me? I digress. Back to the 4th of July.

After the food was eaten and dusk had set, I broke out the "fireworks" for people to experiment with. I say "fireworks" becuase they are illegal to buy in NC, so the ones I got at the local Harris Teeter were really more like sparklers. But they were still fun and they got the point across:

To cap off a fabulous weekend, we took a crew to the U.S. Whitewater Center for some whitewater rafting, rock climbing, sun soaking and general outdoor fun. I am not really an "outdoor girl" per se, so I was a little unsure if I would like this experience. UMMMMMMM I loved it. In fact, Mr. Fo and I loved it so much that we bought Season Passes. (Seems like an effective use of money while I am unemployed. In my defense, it was very reasonably priced and we are going kayaking next weekend. So back off haters.) If you live near Charlotte, take a trip to the Whitewater Center with your family or some friends. It's a blast and we are lucky to have it so close to us. Here is my cousin and I post rafting. Don't we look so outdoorsy and like we belong on the cover of "Hike Magazine" or we had just belayed down a mountain? I didn't even know what the word "Belay" meant until this past weekend.

From one outdoorsy girl to another, have a fab weekend!


  1. great job! LOVE the kabobs! ...and bugs HATE me too! I just recovered from 26 mosquito bites on my feet from like a month ago! I literally woke up the first night and swore I was going to go to the hospital to stop the itching!!!

    hugs! Kim @
    party inspiration

  2. Looks great! the kabobs are SOO cute!

  3. Lol~ bugs hate me tooooo! I got stung by a wasp when I was 8 mon prego (on the bottom of my foot)! I screamed and jumped right into the pool with all my clothes on!!! Everyone thought I went into labor! lol.. BTW~ love your little 4th party;o)

  4. why does it look like Flan is trying to fight me and i'm glad the only one boozing in the pic in the preacher

  5. Another fab-u-lous par-tay! I'm making those cupcakes, you convinced me. Me & mosquitos have a dark history... They love me, I hate them - enough said. Have a great weekend!

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