Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Travel-Worthy Party!

Greetings and Happy Summer friends! Hope everyone is staying cool... it is sweltering in North Carolina; I may actually melt. Before I do, let's get down to business :)

A little while ago, Katie ordered a Fo Fabulous Custom Party Package from me for her mom's surprise retirement party. Katie made it easy on me because she already had the invitations picked out and she provided me with the theme - TRAVEL! Her mama has lots of traveling in her retired future and Katie really wanted that to come through in the party theme.

I put together a package with elements of travel to give her some ideas. See below for some pages from my custom party package. You can click on the pages to enlarge them.

I also included an "Around the World" menu with food stations from different countries. Travel is such a broad party theme with so many possibilities... just like actual traveling... ha!
(Lame joke in 'da house.)

Here are pictures from Katie's party setup. Everything looks great and I am honored she used my ideas!

Some of my favorite party elements were the postcard garland and the airmail envelopes. Katie used airmail envelopes for guests to write messages to her mom. I also loved how Katie incorporated the yellow and lime green color theme by using flower arrangements and citrus fruit in glass jars.

Katie - you have done me proud girl! I'm pretty sure that isn't proper grammar, but you get my drift. Bottom line - Katie's mom retired in style!

If you are a busy lady (or guy) and have a party to plan, think about ordering one of my party packages for just $30. I send you the ideas, you throw a fabulous party, it's pretty much a win-win!

In the meantime, happy and safe travels to Katie's mom and everyone else out there!


  1. Awww what great ideas! Good job Jackie:-)

  2. super cute party and great ideas! I like how you did this post w/ your suggestions and then the actual party. fun, fun!

  3. looks great! i love the citrus!

  4. Thanks again Jackie! It's almost been a week since the party and my mom still can't stop gushing about how perfect it all was and how touched she was that we made it so special!!

  5. It turned out gorgeous. Love those centerpieces. Can't wait to take pics of my party!

  6. Cute ideas, what a great idea to package this for busy hostesses.