Wednesday, June 16, 2010

On the Road Again...

"On the Road Again" refers to a famous Willie Nelson song, a GREAT GREAT GREAT book by Jack Kerouac ("On the Road") (thanks to my liberal arts high school for offering a class titled "Beats and Hippies Literature"), a ridiculous yet hilarious movie entitled "Road Trip" and finally, my plans for tomorrow.


Being that I am a terrible, awful, sinfully bad driver, I will not be partaking in said "driving." I will simply partake in magazine reading, DVD watching and sleeping. Oh, and did I mention eating? But more on road trip snack essentials later.

Here are the details:

Road Trip Participants: Me, Mr. Fo and Matt. Matt is our best bud and coincidentally, I met Mr. Fo and Matt at the EXACT same moment 9 years ago. Mr. Fo, Matt and I make a great team and they pretty much keep me laughing for hours. An excellent quality in road trip buddies. Here we are having a grand old time at our wedding:

Road Trip Destination: Charlotte, NC to Columbus, Ohio. 7 hours. Not horrendous, I have participated in worse. But still plenty long.

Road Trip Purpose: The nuptials of one of my best friends, my college roommate for essentially all 4 years. (I say essentially because the 1st year we were across the hall from eachother, but that basically counts.) Our room was hands down the messiest room in all of Miami University of Ohio's history. It was legendary. LEGENDARY. Please see pretty Kaylee below...

How cute is she! I guess I have to post her future husband, Eli. If I must. See, we have a love/hate relationship. In a joking manner, I must admit. I actually really love Eli and so does Mr. Fo. In fact, Mr. Fo has quite the man crush on Eli and vice versa. OBSESSED. We like to argue over who is better friends. Clearly Kaylee and I are since we were friends first. But I digress. Here is Kaylee with her smelly fiancee, Eli:

I will hand it to them, they make a CUUUUTE couple!

So, there you have it. Our reason for the trek to the midwest.

Said "trek" requires a lot. Gas, patience, good attitudes, GPS, etc. But most importantly, food. Being the resident girl in our tripod, clearly it was up to me to shop for Road Trip Snack Food. Take a look:

General Snack Items are below. Just the typical chips, crackers, etc. Few things to note:

1) Nutter Butters: This goes back to an early Road Trip when Mr. Fo and Matt took a road trip to visit me in college. They bought a 4 pack of Nutter Butters and there were only 3 in the pack. CAN YOU IMAGINE?! To be honest, I still don't believe them and think they were just suffering delirium from their long drive. But 5 years later, they swear by it. So I got some Nutter Butters so we can count and make sure the right amount is in there. If not, someone will be getting a nasty letter. My boys have had it.

2) Peanut M&Ms: Just a warning. Please make a clear distinction between PEANUT BUTTER FILLED M&Ms and PEANUT M&Ms. Matt and I had some confusion when he made his requests. Finally he just said, "Buy the yellow bag." So I looked for yellow. I'm smart.

3) Please note new Batch of Squash Bread I baked for this trip. Still delicious even when the squash is not as fresh.

How much cuter does a bunch of junk food look in a PINK PICNIC BASKET WITH YOUR NAME ON IT?! RIIGHT?!

Below are the only food items I will eat. Apples, Bananas and Carrots. .............. I wish this were true, but the truth is, that is simply an impossible feat. Yes, I did buy these healthy items in an attempt to not immediately gain 20 lbs. on said trip. But while I may have an apple or banana, I can pretty much guarantee I will succumb to eating Tostitos and the like. It can't be helped. A girl can try.

Caffeine is our friend as you see below. I do not show coffee below, but that is because I will obviously be making it fresh before the trip. Gatorade is for dehydration purposes. Water will come in the form of water bottles. All drinks will be cooled down via ice in our handy dandy cooler (Not pictured). How prepared am I?! I am like the MacGyver of Road Trips! If we get stuck in a cave on the side of the road (or some other improbable scenario), we will survive for weeks because of my diligent food shopping.

Finally, for when we get to our destination:

So, that rounds up my Road Trip Essentials.

Do me a favor. Tomorrow when you are sitting in the comfort of your own home, or even the comfort of your own cubicle, please think of me. I will be in a car with 2 boys for 7 hours.


Congratulations Kaylee and Eli!

Pictures and a wedding post to follow next week :)


  1. OHHHH HAVE FUN! We have fam in ohio... powell that is!

    Have a blast!

  2. I wish I were there instead of this cube. Oh well, have a good time Jax!

  3. Oh my, I'm actually on a 8 hour road trip this week too. Our snack situation does not compare, and I am very jealous. That, and the fact that our dog inhaled 2 turkey sandwiches when left in the car alone for 5 mintues...ugh! I def could have used some peanut m&m's!

  4. I hope your girl has a beeeeeeautiful day!!!

  5. Have fun, can't wait to read about your trip when you get back!!!!