Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Essential Elements to a Fun Wedding

I am a sucker for a good wedding. A TV wedding, movie wedding, real life wedding - I am guaranteed to cry at one point or another. And you can forget about when I know the couple really well! Combine 2 good friends getting married with a wedding filled with fabulous personal touches and other creative elements and you KNOW I am happy. Happy with tears of joy of course.

Last week I talked about a ROAD TRIP to our friends Kaylee and Eli's wedding. It was well worth the 14 hour (round trip) car ride. Here are some elements that really made their wedding special.

Personal Touches:

If you have followed my blog for any period of time, you know that I love to use personal touches at my parties. Whether that is a baby picture, an inside joke or a person's hobby, people always like to "see" themselves in their parties. At least I do - wink wink. Kaylee and Eli's wedding was chock full of personal touches.

The guests knew it was a Kaylee and Eli wedding when we got our gift baskets upon checking into the hotel. Kaylee is from Columbus, Ohio and therefore a rabid Ohio State Buckeye fan. I realize that rabid is quite a dramatic adjective, and I have never actually seen Kay foam at the mouth while cheering for the Buckeye's, but I wouldn't put it past her. Fittingly, Buckeyes (chocolate and peanut butter deliciousness) were put in the gift baskets:

Not to be left out (because we all know he would not let this happen ;) ) Pittsburgh native Eli was also represented in the gift basket with the below popcorn. Which by the way was AMAZING. Not that I ate it all by myself or anything:

Pittsburgh was also represented at the reception with Kaylee and Eli's signature drink that apparently lead the Steelers to the Superbowl. The signature drink was accompanied by a festive picture of RABID (and I DO mean foaming at the mouth) Steeler fans Kaylee and Eli.

The final treat from the Pittsburgh based couple was brought out as a late night snack. The treat was hearty sandwiches with french fries as a topping, originated at the famous Pittsburgh grease pit, Primanti Brothers. Definitely worth the calories, my friends. A late night snack is always a fun unexpected treat at the wedding. Plus, after knocking back a few of the signature cocktails, I suddenly became hungry again. It's weird how that happens.

I loved the table numbers at this wedding. They were all based on years in Kaylee and Eli's life and had accompanying pictures. Here are a few of Eli that were too good not to share. Please do me a favor and click on the pictures so you can see them up close. You will laugh, I promise. Dear Eli: I will truly treasure these pictures forever as you look absolutely hilarious and just plain ridiculous.

And finally, for one of the most meaningful personal touches at the wedding, the banner below. Eli's grandmother makes these for all of the grandchildrens' weddings in their family and I thought it was just beautiful and a wonderful tradition.

General Prettiness:

Of course we expect "prettiness" at a wedding. There was tons of it at this one, but I will just touch on a few of my favorite elements.

First and foremost, the beautiful bride and her beautiful dress! Kaylee's dress was stunning ... take a look at these pics and check out the back! Fabulous!

Now check out this model shot of the happy couple... umm hello BRIDE magazine? I loved this shot with the skyline in the background!

The bouquets were gorgeous. I LOVED our bridesmaid bouquets of simple calla lilies.

I also loved the ceremony setting, which was at Jeffrey Mansion in Columbus, Ohio. The scenery was beautiful, but what stood out was the unusual way the bridal party and bride walked into the ceremony. Instead of a traditional aisle, we walked down steps towards the guests. If you look below, you can see the chairs on the lawn below the arch and the stairs above the arch. Kaylee walked all the way down those stairs with her dad - it was so dramatic and beautiful! Us bridesmaids only had to walk down half the steps. I may or may not have practically fallen and almost pulled my partner down with me, but I caught myself. Oh the risks of being a bridesmaid!!

General cuteness:

The candy bar below with personalized bags served as sweet favors. I loved how the candy bar colors were not really in a theme and were all just bright colors. It matched the fun tone of the event. They also had candy necklaces and bracelets which are always a nice throwback to being a kid. Note to self: Don't wear candy necklaces and bracelets whilst busting a move on the sweaty dance floor. The candy will melt on your skin and the color will not come off for days.

There were 2 adorable flower girls and 2 ring bearers. They were SO cute - there are NO words! One of the little ring bearers had broken his arm a few weeks before the wedding and got an orange cast to match the coral wedding color - how is that for dedication!! Take a look at the flower girl dresses and tell me you don't swoon. Pay close attention the the BUBBLE HEM THAT MATCHED OUR BRIDESMAID DRESS BUBBLE HEMS!!! How ridiculously cute is this dress!

Great friends:

Obviously one of the best parts of weddings are catching up with friends. I had a great time catching up with my college housemates. Love you Bizmark girls! And Jess, we missed you :)

Here I am with the bride! Can we talk about what is wrong with my eye? Why is one eye squinting in that strange fashion? And yes, that is Mr. Fo's tie. It's typical for me to be wearing his tie by the end of a wedding. He is usually breaking it down on the dance floor and the tie just gets in the way of his impressive and highly skilled dance moves. At that point I usually think it's a great idea to wear it as an accessory.

And FINALLY, speaking of Mr. Fo... take a look at what he wore under his suit.... this isn't R rated, so relax Mom:

That's right - its the MOST RIDICULOUS PICTURE of Kaylee and Eli ever taken. The infamous "swing picture" was taken as part of their engagement photo session. Mr. Fo and I have all sorts of silly pictures of us doing normal things such as frolicking in the woods and jumping in leaves. You know, the completely natural and non-posed activities we do on a daily basis. Anywho, as soon as Mr. Fo caught wind of this picture, he immediately put it on a t-shirt and waited to wear it under his suit to the wedding. Once the dancing started and the tie came off, the t-shirt wasn't far behind. Oh Mr. Fo, you make me giggle. Here is a close up of the swinging couple:


Remember if you are planning a wedding, these personal touches and unusual elements really make your day memorable. Plus people always love seeing pictures of the bride or groom with really bad 80's hair... ;)

More to come this week, so check back!


  1. It is such an amazing honor to make the Jackie Fo blogspot. Love you too! Keep writing because I check it on a daily basis. No joke.

  2. I agree - I love the personal touches!
    One of my coworkers is from Ohio and talks about those buckeyes...now that I've actually seen them I am dying to try them!

  3. Looks like you guys had a great time! Congratulations to the happy couple!

  4. I love it!! Your personal touches are the BEST!!! And the commentary hilarious!


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