Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A lovely lake wedding

I know you have heard me talk about one of my BFF's Michael before. Well this past weekend I helped him with a wedding he planned for one of his lake neighbors. Yes, lake neighbors. Michael and his partner Pen have a fabulous little house on the lake that they are lucky enough to use as their weekend retreat. It is the cutest house with the most fabulous view and it has been in Pen's family for years.

Michael is not an event planner, but he really should be. He's got an eye for decor and the work ethic to go along with it. Basically he is extremely talented and freaking hilarious, and we should be business partners. But we should not be business competitors, because he is better than me. Hence the business partners idea. Seems fair, right?

So here is some of Michael's fabulous work and ideas that I was lucky to be a part of this past weekend.

The bride walked down this beautiful pier. Michael, being the fantastic genius that he is, draped the pier in a really light colored netted fabric that almost looked like cheesecloth. It was the perfect material for the outdoor setting.

Pen, Michael's partner, is a great sewer (is this even a word?) and monogrammed these pennants with the initial of the grooms last name. These were hung strategically on the pier. Honestly, if you were the bride, wouldn't you want to walk down this aisle?! It was so beautiful with the lake being right there. That said, my hair really isn't conducive to heat and humidity, so it wouldn't personally work for me, but for all you ladies with perfect hair, I say go for it.

See the mason jars below at each pennant? Michael hung these on the railing with a wire that was attached to a nail that he put in on the other side of the railing. These were filled with blue hydrangeas. You cannot believe how beautiful this looked! I mean how does he come up with these things?! In my next life, I want to be a gay man so I can come up with ridiculously fabulous and amazing ideas. Do you think that could happen? Pretty please?!

Flower arranging is another one of Michael's many talents. Take a look at the centerpieces he casually "threw together." How beautiful is the sea of flowers below?! I wish I could sleep on a sea of flowers like this. Don't you?!

The flowers were used as the centerpieces on the table under the tent. They looked great on the long rectangular tables.

Here's lovely cake table where another one Pen's monogrammed pennants was displayed.

And here is the master at work:

Here is Michael and Pen's weekend view from their porch. Not bad, right?
I love these guys! (And not just becuase they have a sweet lake house.)

Wish me luck - tomorrow I am working my first big event, a fundraiser for a non-profit in town. Yea to my new life!! I am loving it so far!


  1. Wow, he is so talented! I love the aisle with the monograms, the flowers, all of it! Good luck with your event tomorrow!


    Good Luck lady, you will rock! Pop back and tell us how it went!

  3. Wow, how genius! It looks fantastic! I feel the same way about my bff - he needs to partner with me! if you figure out how to convince yours, let me know!

    hugs! Kim @
    party inspiration

  4. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos! What a beautiful location for a wedding and Michael is so creative! Good luck for your big event tomorrow, I pray that it all goes well! xx

  5. The mason jars and hydrageas are so fabulous!! And what a beautiful view!

  6. That dock is beautiful. I want to have a party there!

  7. Beautiful! Those monograms are incredible! I love hydrangeas...

  8. Wow, really beautiful! I would love to be and event planner too!

  9. "But we should not be business competitors, because he is better than me."


  10. Who wouldn't want to have a wedding lkke this! So beautiful. I love every thing about it.
    Have a pretty night,

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