Monday, May 3, 2010

It's a 'Stache Bash!

Well, I am sure you guessed from my previous post that the theme of this party is none other then the Mustache...otherwise known by it's nickname "The 'Stache." I can't even tell you how fun this party was to plan. Go throw yourself a Stache Bash, it'll be a blast, I promise.

I know you are wondering, why would you ever throw someone a 'Stache party? Well my dears, a 'Stache party is appropriate when the party is for someone who LOVES mustaches - like my sweet mom Mickey. When I asked my lovely mom what she wanted to do for her birthday, she said she wanted just a simple get together with just girls (and our gays, but more on them later).

Have I told you it's really hard for me to do simple? Much to Mr. Fo's chagrin, it is. I completely disregarded this silly "simple" comment and began planning her the birthday bash she deserves.

But with all of my rambling, I never answered the question - WHY MUSTACHES? It's simple really, Mickey has always loved a good mustache. She swoons over Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds. As soon as this random mustache thought popped into my head, I began dreaming of all things 'Stache-tastic. I hope you enjoy the tour of 'Stacheland:

When Mom walked into the party, she was greeted by this fine sight:

You know it's a party when people are sporting fake mustaches. I must say, I owned that mustache. I am considering wearing it for real. Here was the 'stache bin:

I found these for a nominal price at They had various styles such as the "Party Boy," "Bandit," and my favorite, "The Scoundrel." Another interesting side note, these babies came all the way from Hong Kong, so make sure you order in advance for your 'Stache Bash.

The party was desserts, cocktails and coffee. Here's the setup:

Yellow is my mom's favorite color, so I used it as the main party color. Here are some decor details:

Huge 'Stache (Major assistance from Mr. Fo.)

(You know I love a bathroom flower. Too bad I ran out before I got to that point. It's cool though, I made a 'stache bouquet. Best part - 'Staches Never Die!)

'Stache Confetti for the Table

'Stache Stamp on the napkins (from VistaPrint.) It says "Mickey's Birthday 'Stache Bash."

These were the 'Stache Party Favors. I found this ridiculously awesome "I Heart Mustache" graphic HERE and boy am I glad I did... I plastered it on the favors, drink glasses, and as table confetti. Truly a gem I tell you.

Food and Drink details:

Here are the recipes:

Martha Stewart's Vanilla Cupcakes ... The 'stache cupcake toppers were so easy to make and really added to cupcakes' 'stache factor

Chocolate Covered Strawberries... I make these all the time, they are easy and are always a huge hit. I use the Baker's melting chocolate

I made 2 different kinds of biscotti to go with the coffee. (Why 2 kinds? I don't know, I think I am insane. At least that's what I thought when I looked like a crazy baker lady this weekend. Seriously - flour and sugar everywhere, I looked like George Washington wearing a powdered wig.) These biscotti were definitely worth all the effort! The one on the left is Almond and Lemon Biscotti is dipped in White Chocolate and comes from Giada's new cookbook, Giada at Home. Dear Giada: You are so perfect yet I can't bring myself to hate you. Anyone with me on this one?

The Chocolate Biscotti comes from a recipe I found on a great blog that I follow, Domestic Princess in Training. People were asking me for the recipe for this piece of chocolate heaven. I promise, these were amazing.

I found the wonderful recipe for the lemon squares at Joy of Baking. These little squares have a shortbread crust and a lemony, tart filling. Success!

And finally, I made Mustache Cookies with Royal Icing. This was a great excuse to practice Royal Icing. I called these " 'Staches in Many Colors." I had a little bit too much fun with the food coloring gel paste. Note that I do not have a mustache cookie cutter, but I found a lip cookie cutter in my stash. (Ha... stash... not 'stache.) Anyways, if you turn the lips upside down they look like mustaches. How did you ever live without my helpful hints I wonder?

'Stache Soldiers...lined up for battle

The soldiers fared quite well...

Final product. 'Stache-a-rrific 'Staches in Many Colors.

Besides wine, I served up some 'Stache Sauce in my fabulous drink dispenser. The Sauce was made of Lemonade and Champagne. I heart Champagne almost as much as I heart mustaches.

And of course we had to drink the 'Stache Sauce in the 'Stache glasses.

I think it's only fair if you have a Mustache party to pay homage to those who truly made the mustache famous. In order to do this, I showcased some famous men with mustaches. Take a peek:

All mustache photos were hung by the chimney with care... a la Christmas stockings. FYI, if you are looking for a plethora of mustache pictures, please head to the American Mustache Institute. I had a grand old time perusing this site. Mr. Fo and I still haven't taken down the mantel of mustaches. It's too funny. It may become a permanent fixture in our home.

We really had a lot of fun with the mustaches. Take a look at these pictures:

Me with my fabulous gays. Pen on the left and Michael on the right. Soon I will be devoting an entire post to the AMAZING bridal shower Michael threw for me a few years ago. Take a look at Michael's shirt:

It's Mickey with a mustache. Fabulous. BTW - Mickey looks great with a 'stache! It really shows off her cheekbones.

After everyone left, we realized we had a mustache bandit on our hands. Secret mustaches were popping up everywhere!

A mustache on Mr. Fo.

A mustache in the china cabinet. Mustache Bandit whoever you are - Reveal yourself!

I got my mom 2 gag gifts:

The Pulitzer Prize winning novel you see above.

And what every woman needs. Cougar soap.

Here I am with the birthday girl. I love you mom! Mustaches 4 Life!

Go throw someone you love a 'Stache Bash! They will love it ;)


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