Friday, May 7, 2010

Giveaway Winner and 2 features - It's a 'Stachetastic Friday with a Mother's Day breakfast to cap off the weekend!

HAPPPPPPPPPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! I am like a giddy child on Christmas morning every time the magical Friday rolls around. 2 full days filled with the promise of doing whatever I want lie stretched out in front of me. Ohhhhhh the possibilities. The food. The wine. The productivity. The lounging which counteracts said productivity. Oh... did I mention the to-do lists? Clean, laundry, potentially dig up old dirt to plant new flowers... we will see if I get to these things. All I know is that tonight I will be a happy girl, with red wine in hand, catching up on DVR'd TV with Mr. Fo. Perfect Friday night I say. (Huge loser alert, but I don't care. I can be wild and crazy on Saturday night....although that probably won't happen either.)

(Note the image below: This is Mr. Fo and I in 50 years. On the couch. They seem happy.)

Enough about my love for the weekend, I am sure I am preaching to the choir as who doesn't like the weekend, right?



In 'Stache Bash News (see my 'Stache Bash HERE), the party was featured in 2 places yesterday!

1) Jessica at Party Box Design was sweet enough to feature my party on her wonderful site. If you have not checked out Party Box Design yet, please do! She has creative party products and throws fabulous events. I want to be Jessica when I grow up. Not lying.

2) Leslie Blumenstein, (who was my guest blogger in THIS post), shares party tips at Purple Check out this site for Customized Invitations and PhotoBooks, as well as their blog for fabulous party ideas!

Thanks to Jessica and Leslie - you made my week!

Don't forget to celebrate a Mother on Sunday! Whether it's yours or someone else's. And if you are the mom, why don't you take a page out of my sister-in-law Drew's book? A new mom of my niece Brooke, Drew has asked for only 1 thing: A night of uninterrupted sleep. At a hotel. With a book, room service and a bottle of wine. Oh, and did I mention she will be alone? PERFECT IDEA!

(image credit)

When and if I become a mother, I will be implementing the exact same idea. Thanks for setting the precedent Drew! Love you!

I will be treating my fabulous mom to a breakfast consisting of Ebelskiver pancakes this Sunday. Ebelskiver's are filled pancakes that are as addictive as crack (so I have heard). I have a special Ebelskiver pancake pan from the illustrious Williams-Sonoma. (Sort of indulgent, yes, as you can only make Ebelskivers in said pan. But it was a Christmas gift - so let us not judge.)

Here are some pictures of Ebelskivers so you know what the heck I am talking about:

See the special pan below. You use those fancy little turning tools to flip them over.

(image credit)

Ebelskivers below. DROOL.

(image credit)

(image credit)

I will be sure to do a post about Ebelskiver's next week so you can see how they turned out. I have made them once before and they were heavenly.

Happy weekend o' lounging everyone!


  1. Kate ThompsonMay 07, 2010

    Ooh enjoy! I actually got my dad, father-in-law AND husband all the WS Ebelskiver pan for Christmas. (Once one discovered it, they all wanted it and would've been insanely jealous if only one of them had received it - ooh boys!) I've loved all the different types we've tried out so far. Great idea for Mother's Day - we're doing brunch so I might just have to copy your idea!

  2. We plan to spend our Friday night the exact same way! People can judge all they want but our weeks are so busy we have to devote a whole weekend night to our DVR. Thanks for the awesome giveaway, I'm so excited I won! I can't wait to hear more about the Ebelskivers, they look delicious!

  3. Hey - I'm not sure how you follow, but my Target Giftcard Giveaway is ending soon! I'm trying to get my Blogger girls following me again on WP. Thanks! Have a great weekend!

  4. Woah! i'm not judging...I'm jealous! those look delicious!
    Off to watch my tivo now too! Losers unite!

  5. looks yummy! a simple day for me will do just fine......i like being at home! enjoy your weekend! susan