Monday, May 10, 2010

An Ebelskiver for your thoughts?

...Like a penny for your thoughts?

No? No connection there? Didn't think so. Just go with it.

Last week I introduced Ebelskivers as the delicious filled pancakes I was going to serve my beautiful mom on mother's day. (Note: Ebelskiver is too long to continue to type out. I will now be referring to these as 'Skivers. I think it classes it up a bit). We did in fact, enjoy said 'skivers, and they were delectable. I am going to let Williams Sonoma describe them, because they do it the best:

"A beloved treat in their native Denmark, ebelskivers are light, puffy pancakes that can be filled with fruit, chocolate, jam or cheese and served for breakfast or as an hors d'oeuvre, dessert or light supper. "

This last bit about a light supper is intriguing to me. 'Skivers as Dinner? Could I fill my pancake with meat or mashed 'taters? I think not. But I will let Williams Sonoma's advertising copywriters have this one. (If anyone knows of an excellent 'Skiver Dinner menu, please advise.)

I am aware of 2 different ways to make the 'Skivers:

1) Buy the Ebelskiver Mix from Williams Sonoma. This is how I have been doing it since I received it for Christmas along with my special pan. I want to warn you that while this is COMPLETELY doable, even with the mix it takes a bit of time to make these. I say this because you have to beat the egg whites separately for a few minutes until they get a stiff peak. But that's the only part that takes time. Otherwise it's just regular mixing and whisking. I promise they are worth it.

2) The other option is to google "Ebelskiver recipe" and see what you come up with. I found tons. Basically, this just involves creating your own dry mix and then adding the wet ingredients. Note that most of these recipes call for an Ebelskiver pan. Here is a recipe I found on RecipeZaar. Here is the picture to go along with it:

Looks delicious, right?! See, you don't need Williams Sonoma. (Actually I do, and please don't ever take it away from me.)

So whether it's on the back of the Ebelskiver Mix (have no shame, all the cool kids are doing it) or you venture out on your own, you WILL be able to make these and impress your house guests, husband or just yourself.

Here is my 'Skiver experience in pictures:

After you have made your 'Skiver mix, put a little butter in each well. Note: The below is too much butter.

Once the pan gets hot the butter will get all bubbly, which is fine, but then it start so come over the sides of your batter once you add it in, like so:

There is no cooking crisis here. It's just butter. Butter is completely harmless, with the exception of high cholestrol, heart attacks, clogged arteries and so on and so forth. I am just pointing out that you don't need to be as generous with the butter as I was. Who do I think I am, Paula Deen?

After your butter has started bubbling (say that 10 times fast), put 1 tablespoon of batter into each well, then add your fillings. We used raspberries, blueberries, and in another batch, chocolate chips. FYI - chocolate chips with raspberries is a RIDICULOUSLY DELICIOUS combination. After you add your filling, top it off with another tablespoon of batter (I use a little less) over the top of the filling.

Wait about 2-3 minutes until you see the sides start to turn golden and start to harden a little bit. Then get out your fancy turning tools. I have the OFFICIAL, approved by the experts, Williams Sonoma Ebelskiver Turning Tools. Oh, and did I mention they are hand carved? AS IF I would purchase machine made Ebelskiver turning tools.

See above. The tools are really like chopsticks with curved edges at the bottom. I really think you could use chopsticks or a knife. But, if you want to pass your official 'Skiver inspection, you might want to consider the tools. As a side note, please see how the above kitchen (in the Williams Sonoma image) has zero crumbs, spillage, or dirty measuring cups nearby? This bothers me. How is the Ebelskiver model lady so perfect that she has no messiness whilst she is cooking. This is a foreign concept that does not exist in real kitchens. Just wanted to point that out.

Here are some action shots of me in mid-turn with the 'Skivers. (Note the batter spillage. Respect the spillage.)

Whew... looking at those action shots makes me tired! It takes a skilled hand to flip those bad boys over in time. You want them to all be evenly cooked on each side. There is no dawdling when cooking 'Skivers. You must commit, and don't even think about reading your People Magazine in between turns. There is no time.

Finished product:

Delicious looking, right?! Mr. Fo said they taste like French Toast, and I think that's an accurate description. "I shall call these: French Toast Balls." They could have just called it that and people would be able to pronounce it.

Here was the rest of our Mother's Day breakfast:

I Mixed in fake flowers with real flowers. Can you tell which ones are fake? If you can't, there may be something wrong with you. Anyways, those pink felt flowers are from DOLLAR TREE. Ummm, I'll take Dollar Tree for $1000 Alex.

Required Alcoholic Beverage for special occasion breakfast and brunches:

Fruit... so we can say we were healthy.

Delicious Cinnamon crumb cake. The crumbier the better. Not crummy. Crumby.

So that was our lovely little brunch. Try some 'Skivers if you can. You won't be disappointed!


  1. very interesting! those look really really great, I want it all!

  2. that all looks fabulous! i really want to try those skivers.

  3. Your 'Skivers look amazing, great job! I'm now very tempted to purchase my own WS 'Skivers pan :)

  4. ohhh lady, those look AWESOME!

    P.S. You really are a great writer! I just had to say that!

  5. Ive never heard of them before! But I agree with Mr Fo about french toast balls. And they look just as pretty, even if there was pan spillage.

  6. Holy cow. You have one lucky mama. That brunch looks so delish!

  7. Oh.My.Word. First of all, these look AMAZING! For real, can you come make them for me?? Secondly, there is actually a place here in Austin that sells crepes and they have them with fruit, meat, etc. It sounds so bizarre but everyone says the meat/cheese/potato ones are amazing! Your table setting was gorgeous too!

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