Monday, May 3, 2010

A clue....

Hope everyone had a FABULOUS weekend! I will be doing a long post tomorrow showing you all some pictures from my latest party. Can you guess the theme from these pictures?

What do Burt, Charlie and Tom all have in common?

Come back tomorrow to find out the party theme (if you can't already guess it!)

(Oh, and you're welcome for the Swoon-worthy picture of Tom. The heart palpitations will stop shortly.)


  1. I'm excited to see pics....sadly I can't think of the theme. Looking forward to tomorrows post!

  2. I'm guessing the recently popular MUSTACHE party!! (or as my kids call it a muscratch) I love the idea.. so cute!

  3. well besides making me swoon I'm going to say they all have mustaches!!! YAYYYY! Ok so Charlie doesn't make me swoon but I LOVE ME SOME BURT! ox

  4. Oh a STACHE party! Sounds like tons of fun. Can't wait to hear more about it!