Monday, April 5, 2010

A royal attempt

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! Mine was filled with wonderful weather, cute babies and delicious food. Not too shabby...

This weekend was also my first attempt at using royal icing for decorating cut out cookies. After reading several tutorials, I took the plunge. The result? Well, I am really hard on myself and for a few hours this weekend, you could find me cursing at these poor little cookies in the kitchen. They weren't disastrous. But not AMAZING. I used Bake at 350's (check out her amazing creations) wonderfully detailed royal icing tutorial. .

Here is the pinnacle of cookies made with royal icing. Perfect and almost too pretty to eat.

All images are from Bake at 350:

This is a marbling technique, shown on Bake at 350 by the equally awesome Sweetopia.

Cute little bunnies with sanding sugar on the edges... precious!

And the always necessary beer cookies. You know, for the man in your life.

Do you think it's stupid that I am showing my first attempt immediately after showing these masterfully perfect creations? I do. I am glad that I pointed it out to you as well, so that you can really focus on it while looking at my cookies. Man I am feeling brave today. Or is it stupid?

Easter and spring cookie cutters... i love you guys...(I really do.)

Cookies out of the oven. I found my go-to cookie cutter sugar recipe at Bake Space. These cookies don't spread, and a hint of almond extract gives them a great taste.

Okay... here goes... don't judge! (Note: The pictures did not turn out that well, so I apologize for that)

Terrific Tulip

Practically Perfect Petals (Not perfect at all, I was going for alliteration in that title.)

Egg-licious Easter egg (I really liked this one although the title is sub-par, I admit :))

So.... for a work in progress, what do you think? It was my first try after all. I got the concept down, so that is a good start. I was able to "flood" the cookies without the flooded icing bleeding over the outside piped line. There are definitely some issues... air bubbles in the icing, wobbly lines, over flooding, etc. I REALLY need some additional piping practice. The wobbly line kills me. Straight lines Jackie!! I will look into my company's benefit program. Perhaps they have a "Piping Leave." Similar to a maternity leave, you are allowed paid leave to perfect your piping. I will present this to my boss asap and let you know how it goes. I see it being a real success.

Here is my ultimate goal: To make the flower cookies for my niece's baptism at the end of July. My sister-in-law said I could serve them as is, but she is just being nice. (Note: Some people have grandiose goals of creating world peace, or finding the cure for a disease. Mine is to make cookies. I feel small.)

Does anyone have any tips? Constructive criticism? Don't be mean or I will cry... and then get angry. That's how I am. I at first cry, then I get angry. Just an FYI.

To end the post, here is something undeniably cute:

A bunny cake made by Drew. I felt bad when I ate part of the bunny's cute little ear. But not too bad as it was delicious. I always go for the ear first, even on a chocolate bunny. Do I have a weird demonic ear thing?!

My niece Brookie. She's not too impressed by the cake as she appears to have fallen asleep mid air. Now that's talent.

I am a bit under the weather, so I am off to relax and hit the sack early. Sleep is my friend right now. My best friend.

Happy Week Everyone!


  1. I am sooo gonna try the top cookie! I was looking at those this weekend. Did you see the hearts?! They're SUPER cute! Not bad for your first try! It takes practice believeeee me;o)

  2. I think your cookies look beautiful....much better than I would ever do!!!
    Good luck with perfecting it!

  3. good job! they look very cute. I am soooo intimidated to try icing cookies. cake is much less scary to me. you have inspired me!

  4. I seriously need to make those beer cookies for the hubs! The cake and the bambino are precious!

  5. I think that you did a great job! First time? WOW!

  6. Hah. I just like that you made fun of Brooke for falling asleep mid-air. But I'm also super impressed by your cookies I mostly like to eat cookies, and rarely notice their style. So yours looked simply appetizing to me.

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  8. Cute cookies, but I have to say...cuter baby! ;0)
    Love those beer cookies, btw! LOL!