Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack

Just a short post to say I'm back from my super fun weekend, rejuvenated and feeling like this:

(image credit)

Okay, I don't know about a million bucks, but I feel pretty good. MUCH better than last week - which is a relief.

The bachelorette weekend was a success with fun had by all. Plus I walked away with a GREAT party favor idea, courtesy of the maid of honor, Kristin. DISCLAIMER: This is not a party favor for a children's party of ANY kind! I mean, I think you will know that when see what they are. But still. You can never be too careful.

The party favors were mini bottles of liquor with labels and cute favor tags. How cute are these! Plus, they are under 3 oz. of liquid each, so they are safe to bring home on an airplane. And yes, I was that lush that took home 4 mini bottles and put them the plastic baggie through the security belt. Everyone else has their toothpaste and shampoo. Me? 4 mini bottles of alcohol.

Off to unpack (kidding, won't do that for days) and relax before a start to another week.

Oh, and I found out this weekend that I have a reader of my blog that was somewhat of a surprise. So, Aaron W, if you are reading (and we all know you are), I just wanted to give you a shout out. How cool are you feeling right now? Getting a shout out on the internet by a famous blogger?! (Famous is a relative term.)

Have a great week!


  1. super cute favor! i like the saying on the tag too!

  2. i love it and am so proud of you rockin them through airport security lol thats awesome

  3. so so suuuuper fun! glad you had a great weekend!

  4. Those bottles are a great idea and I love that you put them in your carry on and away you went:)

    Too funny about everyone else having toothpaste and you liquor bottles!

  5. ps just noticed my button... sooo super nice! thanks lady!!!

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful time! And I know!!! The bags can just sit until you need something from them.

  7. Such a cute favor idea!! Glad you had fun!

  8. Happy Monday to ya!
    Such a fun idea. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I haven’t been to a bachelorette party in forever! Most of my gal pals are married. I bet the next one I go to will be my own.

    Happy Monday to ya and thanks for stopping by "Domestic Princess in Training"

  9. so with you on the putting off of unpacking. i always regret it when i am living out of a disheveled suitcase a week after getting home, but when you first get home, who has the patience to unpack?

  10. Sounds like a blast and those labels are soooo cute. What a great idea!