Monday, March 1, 2010

We were in the Islands Mon....

I am still on my "just went on vacation" high... memories of the beach, fruity drinks and an awesomely fun wedding are still rolling through my mind even after a full day back in the "real world." It was nice to go back to my office tan though... when that fades, I don't know what I will do. Let me show you some pictures of our week in paradise :)

Some scenery pics...

This was the amazing view from our hotel room.

This I took from our jet ski ride... Not a bad pic if I do say so myself. I was so scared to bring my camera on the jet ski, but it survived.

This was supposed to be a shot of the waves "crashing" on the rocks to show how windy it was that day. Seriously, we were the only people on the beach and the sand was flying in our face. But that didn't stop us.

Some fun pics:

Self picture... that's the only thing about vacay as a couple - no one to take your picture... although I did accost several people to take ours...

Said jet ski ride... I did get to drive it, but no pictures were taken since Mr. Fo was hanging on for dear life as it appears I am not only a horrible driver on land, but at sea as well. Meanwhile, I was only concerned about my camera.

I know this is so stupid. But some other couple was doing it so I copied them. Word of advice: Don't do this where the waves come up. It will wash away your drawing every time. (I'm smart.)

Our resort had a Japanese steakhouse... which was pretty much like any other Japanese steakhouse in the U.S. But we happened to be sitting next to another vacationing couple who was from Japan and spoke NO English. Literally, none. We were able to communicate enough to make fun of Mr. Fo for using a fork at a Japanese restaurant while the experts (the real Japanese and me) used chopsticks. We basically just laughed the whole time and did a lot of thumbs up to each other. I sort of wish it was on video because I would imagine it was HILARIOUS to watch. They were awesome.

We drank a lot of Sands beer because our resort didn't carry the awesome Bahamian beer Kalik. Mr. Fo may have cried a little about this. So one day during a monsoon (really, it was raining really hard), we left the resort in search of Kalik.

We found it at a bar in downtown Nassau. We hung out with locals and braved the monsoon from indoors. We also watched a local businessman have a 2 hour lunch break at the bar complete with onion rings and 3 full glasses of wine. Um, are you hiring sir?

We may have had too many Bahamian beers because we ended up at the casino. That was a dumb move. And thats all we'll say on that matter.

Later that night we ended up at our resort's Piano Bar... where I sang a solo of Stevie Wonder's "You Are the Sunshine of My Life" ... it brought down the house. A few circus people tried to steal me for their sideshow acts, but Mr. Fo saved me. See what the heck I am talking about here.

This was our favorite souvenir purchase. We call him "Maracas Man." We bought him on the beach from a lady who made... stuff like this... how could we NOT buy it, right? We are gifting this treasure to my sister and brother-in-law. When they went to Cancun last year they brought us back this awesomely tacky mariachi man figure. Naturally we had to buy them something equally as tacky, and this fit the bill.

Now for the wedding: Here's the deal about the awesome wedding. You know those family friends that you have known forever where the "uncle" is not really your uncle but a childhood friend of your dad and the "cousins" aren't really related to you but seem like they are? Well the bride was one such "cousin" of mine. She and her now husband had an awesomely unique wedding. You see, the groom is Hindu, with his family from India, and the bride is Catholic. So, to include both of their cultures, they had 2 separate wedding ceremonies and receptions. Ummm 2 days of parties??? Yes, please. Here are some pictures of their wedding day(s):

This was the coolest part of the Hindu ceremony. Unfortunately, i didn't get a great picture of this from where we were sitting, but the groom rode in to the ceremony ON A JET SKI!!! Mr. Fo commented that in order to compete with this, the bride would need to ride in on a unicorn. (She did not, as they don't exist.)

As if the jet ski wasn't cool enough, the groom was then carried to the gazebo. It was like a movie.

The bride (with her brother) walking in, decked out in a sari. She looked AMAZING!!! All of her family also wore traditional Indian clothing as well. It was so cool.

Even after the bride showed up, there was a veil held between them so they couldn't see each other. When they finally did see one another, it was a really sweet moment. The ceremony (although long - 2.5 hours) was SO full of symbolism. The Indian priest and the program were so detailed in explaining all of the symbolism. Every grain of rice, article of clothing, and vow meant something. It was incredibly cool. This was followed by a brunch of traditional Indian food.

The next day was the Christian ceremony on the beach:

It was so windy that this little altar fell down. Whoops. But the bride hadn't walked down the aisle yet, so its all good. The best man fixed it, securing his best man duties.

Walking down the aisle after being married - they looked so happy! The bride and groom were stunning.

This was BEFORE we even sat down for dinner. There was no awkward waiting time to hit the dance floor.... everyone was dancing as soon as the wedding party was announced. My kind of party.

Including these little guys, the bride's nephews. Seriously - they were break dancing for 2 hours straight with a huge crowd around them. With the exception of the bride and groom, they were the hit of the wedding. It was SO cute!

And finally, my favorite picture from the whole trip was taken at the wedding:

Do you notice anything interesting about Mr. Fo? Oh right, his forehead is bright red. On our 2nd day of vacation, he just forgot to put sunscreen on his forehead. Who does that? You are looking at his 17th layer of skin. (Sorry if that was gross.) Anyways, I think this picture is hilarious and will be framing it in my house. Silly Mr. Fo.

So ... did we have an awesome time or what?!

This week I am going to post some Oscar party ideas - don't forget that the big night is this Sunday! Until then, have a great week and remember your SPF 30 ;)


  1. beautiful pics! so beyond jealous!

    you are such a cute couple! the sunburn- classic!

  2. left you some sweet verbage on my blog!

  3. Haha...still laughing at the 'marraccas man'...I was so confused when you guys sent me him in that text message...I was like, what the he** is that? Can't wait to hear all of the hilarious stories...Stu's forehead...that's just awesome. Kalik is also awesome...I too would have fled to another town to find it. Glad you're back!

  4. revenge of the deadskin!!!

  5. What a gorgeous bride. And Kalik is soooooo good. Brings back Spring Break memories!

  6. haha, his 17th layer of skin...ahahaha

    you've inspired me to write about the weirdest thing hubby's ever done :)

    love your blog, had to follow!


  7. looks like you had a great time! what a beautiful place!

  8. Looks like alot of fun. I love destination weddings!

  9. Wow...what a location for a wedding...Fun!

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