Monday, March 15, 2010

Pearl Party!!!

The moment you have all been waiting for is here...Pictures of the adorable Pearl-themed Baby Shower! Hope they don't disappoint!

For some background, you can check out my post HERE, but the bottom line is I handled decor and general prettiness for the shower, while the lovely hosts (Kalle (my bff), Staci, Ally and Tess) handled the food, drinks and everything else that goes into a party. We had a low "prettiness" budget, so I had to be creative and stretch our dollars! Thank goodness for Hobby Lobby who had 50% off all of their Bridal stuff. Bridal stuff = Pearls. The Party Gods were looking out for me that day ;)

Party goers were greeted by the Pearl theme as soon as they drove up to the house! I used a hot glue gun to glue the spray painted letters onto a Tiffany blue ribbon (just pretend it was Tiffany blue and not seafoam as Tiffany blue ribbon doesn't exist... the true Tiffany blue color is probably locked up in the Tiffany vault somewhere... annnnnywho... ) With the help of Kalle's husband Shawn and a chair to give me the extra foot that I needed (not really), we hung that bad boy up for the whole neighborhood to see. I caught a sneak peak of the mama to be taking a picture in front of it and I got some warm fuzzies ... she approved :)

Right inside by the door were the party favors... remember the cookies I made in a previous post? Hows this for Tiffany blue Tiffany's? I don't need your secret vault ... the magic of food coloring will conquer all

For a little activity, the guests gave Denise their "Pearls of Wisdom" .... Get it? PEARLS of Wisdom? (Note to those that will plan my baby shower in the faraway future: I will be needing an Encyclopedia of wisdom... not a tiny little notebook of wisdom)..

The mantel decoration was my favorite part because I made my very own banner for the first time... and it looked like a string of pearls (well that was the intention!) The mantel decorations grew and grew... so I will show you the progression...from just a few flowers... to more flowers, ribbon covered votives and baby pictures of the mama and papa to be... Also, if anyone has any advice on how to let the banner drape nicely in the middle, it would be much appreciated. Kalle tried to be all MacGyver by trying to "weight" the backside of the banner so it would lay correctly. Staci and I just laughed at her. Hee hee.

Now for the food... while I cannot take credit for making any of the delicious food, I did consult with the party host on a yummy but affordable brunch menu ... take a look

Food labels made by moi

Eggs deliciousness - I didn't know the real name so that is what I called it - I think it's a perfect description as they were DELICIOUS. The "basket" is formed by putting an English muffin in a muffin tin, cracking an egg and adding spinach, sun dried tomatoes, and a few other ingredients. It made for a pretty presentation ... if anyone wants the recipe for Eggs Deliciousness let me know ...

Coffee cake with blueberries - always a winner... made by Staci

A yogurt parfait bar... the toppings were dark chocolate chips, granola and strawberries, but the possibilities are endless. This is another affordable brunch item that looks impressive and is fun because people can make their own :)

Cupcakes - these were kind of intense to make. I know because while I was decorating for the party, Kalle and Staci were making them. The turned out great in the end, but watching Kalle and Staci try to "1 and a half" a recipe was downright painful. It was a Martha recipe so it was already a tad complicated... add in homemade frosting, raspberry filling, vanilla bean paste and use of the words "scant" and they were really having to use their brains. As they kept asking "How do you "1 and a half" a scant" ... MARTHA - USE NORMAL WORDS. Being that I was in the same "remedial math level" as Kalle in high school, I am shocked the math worked. (Okay, okay maybe not remedial level, but we weren't math geniuses if you get my drift. Remember Mr. Boice?! He hated us.) The math gods were shining down on Kalle and Staci because the cupcakes rocked! Again, if you want Martha's recipe for these cupcakes just let me know and I will have it to you in a "scant" moment.

Here are some detail shots...

Baby pictures and pearl garland on the mantel...

Pearls with the pink silverware...

Grapefruit slices in the water - because they are pink!

Pearl candle rings...

Pearls in the flower arrangements...

Bathroom flower... I love a flower in the bathroom... this should be my trademark...

I had so much fun doing this shower and we made a big impact without spending boatloads of money. It can be done!!

Have a great week blog world!


  1. awesome blog jackie! we really can't thank you enough for all your help & expertise.
    dear general public:
    if you're reading this & about to have a party, you should totally hire jackie to make it awesome. if you dont your party will probably be laaaaame.
    sincerely, staci.

  2. Jackie, you did an AWESOME job! The "pearls" on the mantel look gorgeous;o) The cupcake story is just too funny! I know how stressful cupcakes can be sometimes!!! Try making the frosting the nigt before next time~ takes some of the stress off;o)


  3. Tanya - I will pass along your tip to my bff Kalle for next time... Staci and I were having a partial nervous breakdown watching the cupcake cluster happen... Kalle is super laid back and to her credit, it did all work out ha!

  4. Been there done that with the cupcakes, I've learned a lot since;o) BTW~ Please tell me why my son came home with a recipe for IRISH SODA BREAD TODAY?! I threw it away~ after your story;o) lol..

  5. Looks great! I love the "pearls of wisdom", and the pearls look so pretty as vase filler. You could do that even if it wasn't a pearl theme.

    PS I don't think you can get a banner to hang flat if you run the string through the middle of the circles. It works if you run it through the top of the circles only. Does that make sense? But then it wouldn't have looked like a string of pearls, so you did a great job. :)

    PPS Please post your egg deliciousness recipe!

  6. Fantastic!! Love the PEARLS!!!! Great job!

  7. Tanya - Go to Smitten Kitchen - my friends sent me an Irish Soda Bread Scones recipe that she did... looks way better than mine - I am NOT using caraway seeds and will throw in some chocolate chips or something to make it actually taste good... hopefully i can make it tommorow and post it before St. Patty's Day ha

  8. The whole mantel arrangement was beautiful! The colors went so well together, too. I know I never had a baby shower this great.

  9. you made food labels too!!! my co-hosts were looking at me like i was nuts, when i wiped those puppies out at the shower yesterday.

    nice to know i'm not alone. "real" party planners/hosters make food labels! ;o)

  10. this was a very fantastic shower. I know bc I was there and everyone kept raving about it. if only jackie had business cards:) love you bff.

    p.s. i am laughing at what your readers must think of me based on the tidbits you have posted thus far... ie weighting the back of your banner, finishing cupcakes minutes before the shower began, sucking at math... we should have called mr boice to ask him how to half a scant. martha and mr boice should have gotten married.

  11. kalle. thanks for pointing out that i dont have business cards yet. that makes me look really professional. secondly, you were finishing cupcakes minutes before the shower. that said, dont judge kalle on this silly story. she is a fabulous bff.

  12. BEAUTIFUL! I love it all.
    And my comment motives are pure:)

  13. we should've made the icing the night before. i think jackie and i might have mentioned that day of, as we were frantic/sweating...

  14. Wow, this looks AMAZING!!!

    Good job :-) I bet she absolutely LOVED it!

  15. How beautiful....what a wonderfully appealing first visit to your blog :)

  16. Great job! You did a ton of work. I esp like the banner on the front door. How clever.

    Stopping by from SITS.

  17. what a lovely idea. so unique.

  18. I love it!!! Everything looks gorgeous! Love the pearl theme and I love the gerber daisies everywhere! They are my favorite.

  19. I can't wait for you to plan Brooke's baptism luncheon and her 1st bday party - oh, and Michael's 30th bday, too! Lots to're hired! :) Proud of you, sis!

  20. jackie- thanks a ton for everything. it really was awesome and extremely creative. and classy. also- cookies=delicious. i was unaware of your baking talent until saturday. THANK YOU! -denise

  21. what a darling theme! i LOVE it. all of the details were amazing. ok, i have to know. where did you get those mini white cupcake stands? i collect cake stands and those MUST be in my collection!

    thanks! and again, fabulous job!

  22. wow! what a fabulous shower! all of the details and special touches are amazing. and the cupcake pedestals look pretty darn cute :) i'm still planning on featuring your other photos on my blog...just been a little busy lately!

    xo - julie

  23. Your post just saved the baby shower I'm planning for my best friend! She asked for brunch and I was stumped on the menu but I love the yogurt bar idea!

    Please, please, please send the recipe for your Eggs Deliciousness! This looks great and would be a perfect add to our shower. :)

    kjpladson (at) yahoo (dot) com

  24. Love the theme and the "Pearls of Wisdom!"

  25. Great personal theme and very pretty!

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