Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nest Egg Cupcakes

Cute cupcake alert!

So sorry for the barrage of cupcakes lately, but in all honesty, does anybody mind? These are the perfect cupcakes for Easter. Easy to decorate, even for kids. I don't have kids, so I don't know this for a fact, but I know your kiddies could do it. I give credit to the world wide web for this creation, as I have seen several variations of the nest egg cupcake out there.

Start with a stack o' cupcakes... The stacking is not necessary, I did it for fun. (Wow, I'm a loser)

I am semi ashamed to say that these were from a cake mix that I had in my pantry. In my defense, these were for a work function. These people don't care what it is, if it's left over in the break room they will eat it. I also think that since I had to decorate the cupcakes, it's okay that I used a mix. (Can you tell I actually don't think it's okay since I have spent 3 sentences justifying my actions?)

Get some coconut, throw it on a baking sheet and toast it in the oven for about 7 minutes. Watch it like a hawk or you will burn the first batch. Not that I did that.

Someone at work asked me if I used a real coconut for this. I wouldn't have the first idea how to crack open a coconut and get out coconut flakes. Would I have to use a drill to make my way into this fruit? Would I have to travel to the Bahamas to even get one of these babies? I don't know. Needless to say, this came from a bag at my grocery store. If anyone knows how to get into a coconut, please share.

Mini Robin Eggs... made by the makers of Whoppers. Whoppers = Delicious. One caveat though: Don't overeat said delicious candy. One time when I was younger I was at my aunt's house (that's you Aunt Rosie!) and I ate 1 whole milk carton of Whoppers by myself. I then threw up in her downstairs bathroom. (I don't know where the supervision was at this time, but this was also the same aunt that used to let us ride in the backseat without our seatbelt on. Only the backseat though, so it was safe.) My aunt is laughing right now because I bet she doesn't know the Whoppers story. But everytime I see Whoppers I think a) those are delicious and b) remember when you ate a million and threw up? Pardon my walk down memory lane.

I am going to pat myself on the back for the above picture... for the inside of a candy bag, I think it's quite the fabulous shot. Watch out Annie Leibovitz.

So here is a cupcake without the coconut. And yes, the frosting is store bought. Please don't judge. If you have any people who don't like coconut, you could leave a few with just the frosting and the eggs. It works. But it's way cuter with the coconut, so they should just eat it anyways, you know, for cuteness' sake.

You then put on the toasted coconut around the eggs. I put the eggs on first and then did the coconut, but whatever you like. There's no right way to make these. Here are some pics of the finished nests:

Here are the cupcakes lined up like little soldiers in my life changing Martha Stewart cupcake carrying case. Aren't they cute!

All packed up and ready to go. When I said this contraption was life saving, I am not joking. It makes it easy to take cupcakes anywhere, and it keeps all baked goods fresh for days. Martha does it again, that sneaky vixen.

I am so ready for the weekend - TGIF is an overused phrase but it's appropriate here. So TGIF. On second thought, it's actually Thursday right now, so I will say TGTIF (Thank God Tommorow Is Friday)!


  1. Adorable! You've got some lucky coworkers.

  2. Love your cute cupcakes, my daughter would love them too, perhaps I should have another baking day with her this weekend ;)

  3. These are so cute! I might need to make these next week. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Oh my my ....these look delish!!! I made some chocolate ones yesterday with my 2 year old, and I ate three!! yikes . :)

  5. Those are SO cute and delicious looking!

  6. Hi Jackie~ your cupcakes are gorgeous and look SO yummy!! :)

  7. you're hilar. and the cupcakes are adorable! the only thing better is that narrative that goes along with them :)

  8. I think I need that Martha cupcake carrier....she is so smart, that Martha!

    Your cupcakes are darling! I used those mini Robin's Eggs this morning...I love the speckled look!

    Thanks for linking up! Happy Easter!