Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My first DIY project!

No no no... this isn't turning into a DIY blog... (and DIY for those of you who don't know (like maybe my mom or aunt) means "Do It Yourself").

As I said, this won't be turning into a DIY blog because that's not where my passion lies. But I have gotten inspired to do a little home improvement by some of the amazing decorating and DIY blogs that I read. So with some advice from my good friend and favorite decorator, Amanda at CasaBrasi, I took on my very first (and very small) DIY project. (Note: The fact that I could use spray paint, which I adore, was another key factor.)

This table belonged to my mom. She generously handed it down to me when I moved in with Mr. Fo. It's a quality Ethan Allen table, but it's a little boring to look at. I have stared at it with boredom for quite sometime and finally decided to get my arse in gear and give it some pizazz.

First step: Sanding

Sanding a table doesn't sound fun to me... so thank goodness for this magical Sander DeGlosser. It basically acts as a glaze that you can just slop on your table and it will help take off the finish.... or something like that, I don't know the specifics - sorry peeps. All I know is that it said to wear safety goggles on the back of the bottle so you don't get any "poison" in your eyes. Side note - common tips from bottles of cleaning and painting products really make me laugh: "Don't ingest"... really Sander DeGlosser company? As if I ran out of milk and I would use this in my cereal. Snide comment aside, I don't mess around with safety. Seriously, I have the most irrational fears ever, and that includes getting Sander DeGlosser poison in my eye and going blind. As I am not a welder, carpenter or swimmer, I don't have any goggles lying around. So I made do with my trusty onion goggles, as you see in the picture. My onion goggles really deserve another post, as they are the most ridiculous yet necessary kitchen tool I have come across (if you cry whilst chopping onions, and I bawl like a baby). Well, you can add another amazing quality to these goggles - protection from blindness.

Next step: Primer

I actually really liked the gray color of this primer! I should have stopped here and saved myself an extra step, but alas, I trudged on. DIY is not for quitters.

Final step: The real paint color...

I went with a black semi-gloss paint so it wouldn't look too flat (again, please note that all tips come from CasaBrasi as I know nothing about any of this stuff). That wording says 1.5 cans of spray paint. Not 15. That would be ridiculous. But I did learn a good spray paint lesson, always buy more than you think you need. At first I thought the cute old Home Depot guy was trying to swindle me out of another $5 by recommending that I buy 2 bottles for this teeny tiny project, but he was right. Imagine how mad I would have been if I was halfway through and had to go back to Home Depot mid-project. That would royally suck and most likely would have led to an unfinished table until my next trip to Home Depot.

So here it is inside mi casa. Looks good right?! Mr. Fo was supremely impressed.. just one more talent to use against him as I cast him under my spell. Muah-ha-ha (Evil laugh). Note that while being a cute table, this also serves as the final resting place for several bugs who stupidly flew right into the wet paint. I had no choice but to spray paint over them. I mean what was I supposed to do? Leave dead bugs in plain site on the top of my table? I think not. I didn't mean to create a Venus fly trap, it's just that I don't have a garage, so I had to do this outside on my patio. If you have a soft spot for bugs: a) that's a little weird and b) I'm sorry if this upset you.

See the amazingly adorably ridiculously fabulously cute knob from Anthropologie. HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE THIS? If I could marry it, I would.

Here it is decorated! A lot of the items on the table I already had, but the mirror with the birdie on top was new from Marshall's (a total knock off of a more expensive version). I also love the antique silver tray that was a wedding gift. My absolutely favorite item on this table is the picture of me, Mr. Fo and my double cousin Lauren from our wedding. (Double cousin = our mothers are sisters and our fathers are brothers... do you get it? It confuses people. And it's not incest, okay? Weirdos.)

So I loved doing this project because it was easy, cheap ($25 for spray paint, sander stuff and knob) and made me feel artistic, which is not a common feeling that I have. I love the black so much that I am going to paint our kitchen table black as well. Mr. Fo thinks that will make our house look "goth" which is obviously not true. 2 black tables does not a goth house make.

Here's a lesson - if I can do a little home improvement DIY, so can you. Do it and you will impress yourself... and maybe even some others :)


  1. It looks GORGEOUS! I love the knob~ oh, and the goggles too;o)

  2. Love your writing style! Your DIY project turned out great!!! You've inspired me to do some DIY stuff, too... just as soon as I find something to do! :)

  3. Looks great! I just re-did a table.. not nearly as well as you did though!

  4. Wow! Your project turned out great! Very impressive. I have been wanting to paint a few things myself, but haven't quite had the motivation to do it yet!

    Found you on Lady Bloggers Society! Following now, and will be back. ;)

  5. Found your blog from another one that I visit! Beautiful table!!! One thing I wish was that I was more creative!!
    Such a cute blog...will definitely be back!!
    P.S. I'm a total Italian girl as well!!!! I was reading your St. Patty's post and I'm all about the pasta and gravy!!!!

  6. Good job Jax!! Very proud of you. Told you it was easy!!

    P.S. Thanks for the link!

  7. I think you should wear the onion goggles as sunglasses.

  8. Gorgeous job lady. Looooooove the knob!

  9. WOW,Im really impressed.I took on a project recently and surprised myself with tow rooms made into one and instead of repainting it for one was custom done and expensive(not done by me so it was alot of money) I talked to the lady at home depot and got all my needs for blending all colors with a sponging effect but i added a twist to it and whisped it and just spent hours making it perfect...Needed to have it look just right,focal point in middle of room but I surprised myself as you that if you want something,get alittle advise,and go to town..Mine may not be perfect but it looks really creative to me..
    Love your blogs and will follow....PS I liked the onion goggles too..never even heard of that..Kathy from Ny....