Monday, March 29, 2010

Lunching with Class

Hope you all had a great weekend and didn't do anything stupid, like I don't know, start a fire in your oven like I did. Whoops! Don't worry, being the junior firefighter I am, I put that sucker out in no time. Mr. Fo wasn't even there to help. See, girls can do things without a man around - GIRL POWER UNITE. There may have been a little girlish screaming at first, but as I said, I put that fire out like it was my job. If you are a pyro and want to know specifics, let me know. I am happy to share.

With the exception of that momentary excitement, my weekend was quite calm. I had to run a few errands for my first REAL GIG, which was held today. Remember, it's small, so keep that in mind.

The event was a lunch for 3 women who are close friends in honor of one of the women who recently found out she was pregnant with a baby girl. I told you it was small!! This was not a baby shower or anything elaborate, just a celebration lunch that was supposed to have a few special elements. The goal was to keep it classy and understated. The budget wasn't huge, so I had to make every penny count! The lunch was held at Luce , a wonderful Italian restaurant in uptown Charlotte (pronounced "Lu-chay"). If you are ever in Charlotte, eat here! Their homemade fettuccine is TDF (= to die for).

I found the most beautiful tulips at The Fresh Market. They were completely closed when I bought them this weekend, and looked perfect by the time the lunch rolled around. Lots of cold water kept the flowers from opening too soon. Just call me the Tulip Whisperer.

(The above pic was taken in my office before I brought everything over to the restaurant. Note the hideous carpet situation. I mean... this is what I have to look at everyday people.)

At each place setting were these gorgeous and simple Nest Egg soaps in little bird's nests, made by Kate Aspen. It came in a pretty little box and the soap smelled delicious! It was a cute way (but not overly cutesy) to say "It's a girl!" Plus it would be a great favor at all of these nest-themed baby showers I have been seeing around the blogosphere.

The next special touch was a "pink champagne toast." Instead of champagne, I bought fancy Pink Lemonade. Jackie Fo Events does not condone champagne for pregnant women, mmmkay? But I think pregnant women still want to pretend to drink... or at least I would.

Funny story: I heard that Luce, being the classy joint they are, decanted the pink lemonade before serving. This is hilarious, because it's pink lemonade, not a '96 Bordeaux (or whatever year is good for Bordeaux). Apparently, it's not just wine that needs to breathe, the lemonade needs to breathe too so all of the ... lemon ... flavor can fully develop. Ha. Maybe I will start decanting my water, just to feel fancy.

To add a little extra for literally zero dollars, I made these little labels for the champagne flutes. One for "Mom" and two for "Aunts." I thought they turned out well... and also served as place cards. (They are a light pink, but in some pictures they look white.) Frugal but fabulous I say. I need that on a t-shirt. Although that would imply that I am cheap, which is not flattering. Scratch that idea.

And finally, adorable "pram" cookies created by Edible Art. I have used Edible Art here and here, and they have never disappointed. I had to threaten Mr. Fo with divorce so he wouldn't eat them this weekend as they looked so yummy! I had the waiter bring out 3 on a plate and I had 3 individually wrapped to go.

Table setup at Luce

So... as that famous cartoon pig used to say, "That's all folks!" I told you it was small, but I think it turned out well. My client (OMG - how cool is it that I had a client) said everything went off without a hitch and her friend was so surprised and pleased! That's probably the best compliment I could hear!

Now that I have that under my belt, I will get working on some posts for this week. Stay tuned!


  1. It looks like you did a fantabulous job!! Everything looks beautiful!! Glad it all went well!

  2. Turned out awesome! I love showing how little details can be just as special! And who knew that about lemonade?!?!

    ps. love your writing, you write like I assume you talk and I love that!

    Kim @
    party inspiration

  3. Looks awesome! Well done.

  4. Jackie - I think you did such a great job! It looks really, really good.

    Hey Kim - That's exactly how she talks except there are more curse words in real life. She is Italian after all!

  5. I love it!! Absolutely adorable and unique. i know the mom felt very special that her small luncheon was so well thought out.