Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Irish Death Bread no more

Happy St. Patrick's Day blog world :)

Disclaimer: I am sure St. Patrick was a great guy, but I love my pasta and gravy. So before I go on and on about St. Patty's Day, please take note that my heart firmly remains with The Boot. The Boot would be the shape of Italy. If you know my grandfather, you know he wears a gold boot around his neck - he totally rocks it too.

The Boot represented:

(image credit)

Now that The Boot has been mentioned, we can move on.
The best thing about St. Patty's Day is the green beer phenomenon. In fact, my alma mater, Miami University (of OHIO, not Florida everyone!) has a fantabulous tradition called Green Beer Day that is too fun for words. Read more about this holiday here. (Oh, also, Miami of Ohio is a great school and has tons of other good qualities besides Green Beer Day...seriously, it does, I am not just saying that.)

Remember this post where I talked about how horrible Irish Soda Bread was? Well, I didn't want to tell you for fear of judgement, but Mr. Fo told me it should be called Irish Death Bread. That's how bad it was. He ate it and it made him feel like Death. (Again, I stress it was the recipe that lacked sugar and any ingredient tasting remotely good. It certainly couldn't have been my fault.)

After my post, a few of my friends sent me Smitten Kitchen's recipe for Irish Soda Bread scones, which she fully admits is "Americanized" Irish Soda Bread. Being that Smitten Kitchen is a) fabulous, b) takes the most amazing food pics ever and c) I have never made a recipe of hers I didn't like, I decided to give it one more shot. Between Smitten Kitchen's recipe adapted from Cook's Illustrated and my inclination to add random sweet ingredients, HOT DAMN did I make some yummy Irish Soda Bread!

I followed Smitten Kitchen's recipe until this point:

Yeaaaaaa... along with the raisins I added blueberries and brown sugar (my father in law once said - "everything is better with brown sugar" ... he is SO right!) ... I also omitted the caraway seeds. Dear caraway seeds: Why do you cost $4 if you know you taste so disgusting? I will never use you again.

I did make the bread into scones, a la Smitten Kitchen. They turned out AMAAAZING... pretty much like a blueberry scone. (But an Irish one of course.)

Add a little butter...

While we munched on this extremely traditional Irish bread, we drank some of this:

My alma mater would be proud of my green beer... as would my college housemates ;)

Plus we got to look at these...

Traditional Irish carnations (clearly dyed an unnatural green color at my local Harris Teeter flower section...note: flowers dyed green turn the flower water green. not pretty)

That wraps up my mini celebration of St. Patty's Day. Irish or not... make yourself some "Irish" Soda Bread and have a green beer. Or at least have some Lucky Charms.


  1. Hi just popping in from SITS to say hello and off to read more of your GREAT blog I have a lot of catching up to do!!! PS I am in NJ (Southern)

  2. LOL - please add my name to your note to caraway seeds....UGH.

  3. Happy St. Patty's day pretty girl! I have yet to have my green beer...and it's almost 5:00! ahhhhh

  4. Those scones look awesome...can´t wait to come back to your entertaining and cooking! Happy St. Patty´s Day...miss your face!

  5. omg the part about the caraway seeds made me laugh!!! so funny!!!

  6. Hi, Happy St Patrick's day. Just popped by to give you a link you might be interested in regarding your 101 Award, check it out it is worth it! Have a fabulous day!