Saturday, March 20, 2010

I heart Jodi Picoult and am a Sore Loser... 2 unrelated topics

Happy gorgeous weekend all... To enjoy the summer like weather, Mr. Fo and I played a rousing match of tennis today where I am ashamed to say he KICKED. MY. ASS. But, being the incredible sore loser that I am, I am truly convinced that he is just a sneaky player, and not a good player. Basically, I have finesse and true athletic ability and he has the ability to place the ball in a place that I can't get to. So, even though he won, I am the winner. This was me after the match.

(Note: John McEnroe and I have a similar temperment on the tennis court, hence why I used a picture of him...)

I am about 30 pages away from finishing my 3rd Jodi Picoult book and just wanted to share the love ... If you haven't read any of her books, do it! WARNING: If you don't want to end up bawling, this is not the author for you. The 3 books I have read are My Sister's Keeper, Handle With Care, and House Rules (House Rules is the one I haven't finished so no spoilers!).

My one complaint - the books are starting to get a little formulaic... there's a sick child, a jealous sibling, and a lawsuit of some sort. I am wondering, has anyone read any of her other books that have a different storyline? If so, give me some recommendations!

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend... Play some tennis and beat your husband for me. Please.


  1. Yes!! I love 19 Minutes...and no one is sick! It was my favorite of her books.
    I also just read Picture Perfect, which was pretty good sick children.

  2. The 10th Circle is completely different. You might like it.

    Sorry Mr. Fo beat you. Sucks.

  3. I have read a LOT of others of Jodi Picoult's books..Perfect Match...not about sickness of siblings, Plain Truth, a look into Amish life, but still a lawsuit involved, possibly others, but cannot remember