Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Have an Oscar Worthy Soiree...

Some may call me a bit "celebrity obsessed." Ask any of my friends... In high school and college I used to pride myself on being the go to gal for having all the celeb magazines. Now that I am mature working woman with no time for such nonsense, I only buy the celebrity rags that contain the truth, like People and US Weekly.

Despite my slightly waning interest in celeb gossip mags, I still look forward to the Oscars. I love the whole thing (all 75 hours of it). Celebrities. Gowns. After parties and the pictures of celebs hobnobbing at the after parties. Plus, the Sound and Lighting Awards absolutely thrill me.... kidding, just seeing if you were paying attention.

I have great memories of watching the Oscars and other awards shows with my mom and critiquing all the stars' dresses.We would also decide whether or not they seemed to be "nice people" based on their speech. If someone thanks their mom in a speech, they have to be nice, right?! Now that I an old married woman, I have the privilege of watching the awards shows with Mr. Fo as he talks about how "boring" they are. Lucky me ;) Nevertheless, I still think its an excuse to celebrate. So have some people over, make some food and critique famous people.

The night must be started with cocktails. That's how I start all my nights. (Not ALL of them.) How about a Blue Angel to represent Avatar? Now I haven't seen Avatar as a) I am not into cartoon-y movies and b) I probably wouldn't even understand it... BUT I hear its great, so I will certainly drink to that. Go over to It's My Party by Ashlie for this recipe and other Oscar nominee signature cocktails.

For some glamorous decor, I would mix it up with some pictures of Hollywood stars. Who cares about the Oscar nominees... I want to see Rob Pattinson from Twilight. Team Edward :) If only there were an Oscar for "hottest vampire" .... sigh...

Head to Hostess with the Mostess for more ideas like this one...

A Menu Inspired by Precious: Based on the Novel "Push" by Sapphire
Now this is a truly inspired idea.
An entire menu based off the Oscar nominated films for best picture? Take a look at Epicurious for dinner menus based on all the movie nominees! I think I'll eat one of each dinner...just to be fair to each nominee you know...

And the Oscar cookie goes to.......... Bakerella ... she strikes again... she should win the Baking Oscar.... Seriously, could she be more creative? Nothing else I can add to this except head to her site for more movie inspired ideas....

No party is complete without a little friendly gambling... lay some money on the table for your favorite movies, actors and sound guys! (Just checking to see if you are paying attention again) Grab this 2010 Oscar Ballot and make your predictions. I already turned mine in... I wrote in Rob Pattinson from Twilight for every selection... between me and all the 13 year old screaming girls, he should be a shoo-in.

Angelina as an "innocent" teen?... . Ben and Matt celebrating their win for Good Will Hunting? These famous Oscar moments are too cute. Take a walk down Oscar memory lane at Popsugar.

And finally... what the Oscars are truly all about... the dresses. Here are 5 of my faves from years past... there are plenty more I love, but these are the first 5 that came to mind...

I love the dress, but I love HER more! My best friend Kalle and I were obsessed with her in high school and thought if we ever got the chance to meet her, she would be our best friend. Totally rational thought. (But secretly I know she would love me.)
(image credit)

A lot of people criticized this dress for saying it was too "big" on her, etc. And I personally wouldn't even wear it for various reasons. But on Gwyneth it looked perfect - she looked like a princess! And who looks that good with their hair completely slicked back from their face? Unfair.

This is another heavily critiqued dress... people hated the huge bow at the neck. I happen to love a good bow. And when are you ever going to wear a bow as big as your face if NOT at the Academy Awards? You go Nicole. And while you're at it, use that huge bow to smack Tom Cruise in his ridiculous face.
(image credit)

I loved this... the color... the pleats... everything. She just pulled it off. Plus she had Heath Ledger on her arm. Great, now I'm crying in memory.
(image credit)

Penelope Cruz could wear ANYTHING and look good, but I loved this dress. Wonder how she will top it this year?
(image credit)

Well there you have it folks... whether you are snuggled up with your mom like I used to be, or with your husband who is making annoying comments about your favorite celebs, enjoy yourselves this Sunday night... have some cocktails and treats... or at least watch the Red Carpet pre-show. I promise you this: some drunken celebrity is bound to do something embarrassing and you know someone will look terrible a la Bjork and the swan (please google if you are unaware)... don't miss it or you won't know what the cool kids are talking about on Monday ;)


  1. at first instead of rob pattinson i thought you said pat robertson. big difference.
    fun blog :)

  2. Here are 10 things I'd rather do than watch the Oscars:

    1. Babysit for the Gosselins
    2. Braid Robin William's knuckle hair
    3. Attend a Taylor Swift concert
    4. Listen to Kayne talk about himself
    5. Watch Oprah
    6. Share a drink with Amy Winehouse
    7. Brush my teeth with Ipecac (and a bottle of Jack)
    8. Let Hugo, from Lost, use me as a seat
    9. Slow dance with Johnny Weir
    10. Sunburn my forehead...again

  3. See what I mean everyone?!

  4. I really should have planned a party!!

  5. LOVE the deep red rose arrangement. And cocktails are most def a necessity!

  6. ok...seriously cute post, but I was instantly drawn to the blue cocktail! lol...

    I am so in love with signature cocktails at parties! I dont think I have ever had an event without out one!

  7. Love Bakerella's cookies (and her cupcakes). If I had time, I'd definitely make them this weekend.

  8. Sounds very posh, have a blast!!!