Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Curious Pearce Party!

One of the upcoming events I am planning is for my best friend Kalle's son's first birthday in May. His name is Pearce and he is the sweetest little guy! Wouldn't you want to plan a birthday party for someone this cute?

(Me with P. I like to pretend he wants to cuddle with me, but really he just wants to rip the dangly earring out of my ear. It makes for a good picture until that point though.)

I mean O.M.G. I just love him, he is too cute for words.

A little word about Kalle and I. We have been best friends since the age of 13. she was one of the first people to befriend a Jersey girl in my new southern school! Through big differences, tons of laughter, hundreds of soccer trips and some really difficult and poignant times in our lives we have always stayed best friends. Bottom line: Even if her son wasn't one of the top 2 cutest babies in my life (the other being my adorable niece) I would want to throw him one hell of a birthday party. Here are some pics of K and I through the years:

(I apologize for the shoddy quality. This is pre digital cameras, so I took this picture of a picture with my camera phone. This shot was from our infamous chocolate chip cookie trip in the Bahamas... we were 14 or so? During this trip we a) ate an entire batch of chocolate chip cookies in literally 1 hour, and b) apparently didn't use sunscreen. Ah... the days of not worrying about skin cancer. They were the best.)

A more recent pic... guess we really don't look that different, but Kalle's hair is a lot better nowadays. Like, a lot better. Hee Hee.

Back to the party at hand.

When brainstorming with K about party themes, she said she couldn't think of any type of "typical" boy themes for a 1st birthday party. Pearce doesn't particularly love lions, or cars or cartoons or anything typical for a little boy. What does he like? Well, he likes to play with electrical cords. Not joking. You should have seen him with the Christmas tree lights. Unfortunately, while unique, I don't think that a) we could plan something cute with an "electrical cord theme" and b) I also don't think we should continue to advance his love of electrical cords, don't you agree? (See picture below for his obsession in action.)

P playing with the vacuum cord. Pretty standard.

K mentioned a Curious George theme, and not because he loves monkeys, but because he is so curious! (Hence the fascination with electrical cords.) Seriously though, I am surprised the kid doesn't have permanent whiplash since he is constantly turning his head around to see what is going on in all corners of the room.

Finally, a theme was born: "Curious Pearce!"

I am sure many of you saw the recent Hostess with the Mostess feature called "Curious Grant," which had the same concept. I want to assure you that I did not straight up copy this idea. I promise that K and I have been talking about this idea for months! (K - back me up stat.) Now that the idea is out there, and that Esther at My Bride Story did such a fantastic job, I may have to use it for inspiration. Take a look at how fabulous her party was:

Curious George birthday party ideas

Taking my cue from the various book covers (see an example below) the color scheme will be yellow, red and brown.

(image credit)

Curious George birthday party ideas

Take a look at this hanging garland over the treats table at Curious Grant's party! I love it. It is so simple but made such an impact. I will be replicating in some fashion (with inspiration credit back to Esther, of course)... I have some ideas brewing :)

We will also be doing a treat table in the color scheme of red, yellow and brown. I am planning on using color-coded candy in glass containers, but will also include some bananas and red apples. This will really incorporate a punch of color and give the kiddies and adults some healthy options.

For a monkey party, banana-themed food is a must. Mr. Fo's grandmother makes a banana bread that is like crack, so we will have to use that. Kalle's mom Pamela (the proud Grandma) suggested Banana Daiquiris for the adults. Ummmm, yes please?!

For an extra dose of cuteness, I will have to make some monkey cupcakes. These are almost too cute to eat! (I said ALMOST)

(image credit)

We may even get Pearce some special garb for his big day. I suggested the below costume but K was not a fan. Hmm. Maybe his favorite Aunt Jackie will get that for him and he will do a costume change mid-party. He will probably poop on his first outfit anyways. Isn't that what babies do?

(image credit)

I am constantly brainstorming new ideas and looking for Curious George inspiration! I can't wait to show you the finished product in May!

To end this post, here's a gratuitous Pearce picture - with his gorgeous mama!

Seriously - I hope I look that good when I have a baby one day!

Can't wait for Curious Pearce's 1st birthday celebration. :)


  1. I can't wait for the party pictures either. What a great idea! I am so excited that you stopped by my humble blog. It looks like you have some wonderful ideas and I have so much to learn from you. Thank you so much for inspiring me!

  2. This will be the party of all parties. However, it will not include my son wearing that freaky monkey outfit. And that kid wearing it is not 1, he is like 12.

    Oh, and yes, it is true...we did plan this party long before jackster found the other curious george party. (i would have gotten a strongly worded text had I not remembered to back her up publicly :) )

    Also, I think I'm actually very thankful that picture of us in our chocolate chip cookie eating bikini adoring bodies is not digital. It is much more difficult to see the state of our figures this way. I think we actually ate an entire package of break and bake cookies every day that trip.

  3. So cool you have had such a good bff for so long! Met mine in 6th grade! Little one is SO adorable... I TOTALLY cannot wait to see the party!!!

    Kim @ http://frostmeblog.blogspot.com
    party inspiration

  4. these sound like great ideas. can't wait to see pics!

  5. sounds like it will be very cute!
    I made a box cake mix and just added a banana to it, it was delicious! You could do that for your cupcakes.

  6. I lose that it's a classic theme (C.G.) but with a modern flair and look. Great job!

  7. he is adorable and love the theme too cute!

  8. What a handsome little dude and what an adorable party idea!

  9. My son's first birthday was a Curious George theme, as well! I hope your party turns out great & I look forward to seeing your pics afterward. :0)

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