Sunday, February 28, 2010

A little white lie....

Hi everyone!

I am back from my "crazy week." I hope you will forgive me, but I kind of lied. See, I didn't really have a crazy week. In fact, this was me for 7 days:

I was in the Bahamas for a week long vacation with Mr. Fo, capped off by an awesome destination wedding where I saw a lot of family and friends.

Here's the thing. Mr. Fo is a tad paranoid. He was concerned that my blog has reached such a paramount height of fame that I should not post that we would be "out of town" for a week. I will admit that this is pretty smart, although I had bragged about our trip to everyone I knew, so it's not like I was being all stealth about it. In all honesty, if we had been robbed by a crazed Jackie Fo fan, I would probably feel as though I have really hit the big time in blog land.

So... I made up this story about being busy and flitted off to the Bahamas; feeling a little bit guilty all the way. Hope you're not mad :)

I will do a long post on my fabulous vacay tomorrow. I am off to peruse all the blogs I have missed. Happy to be home!


  1. you are so funny!!!! and i am beyond JEALOUS! ahhhh sun, sand, beautiful blue water!!!

    umm we have cold, snow, cloudy skies!

  2. you lucky girl! where did you stay? we stayed at the atlantis for our honeymoon and loved it, though i'd probably do a smaller place next time.