Monday, February 15, 2010

Last heart shaped post :(

Sure... Valentine's Day is a Hallmark holiday... super cheesy with all the red roses, chocolates and blah blah blah... BUT... I love any excuse to celebrate ... in fact, head over to honey living and read her musings about Valentine's Day... I'm with her... loosen up people! Or if you can't loosen up, use V-day as an excuse to eat like kings... like we did... hehe... and here we go....

We started off the day with these...
and if this isn't the next Diet Coke commercial, I don't know what is....

Remember this post? I told you I would adorn Mr. Fo's Diet Coke. Even I am laughing at how ridiculous that looks. But I said I would do it and I did it. Perseverance baby.

For breakfast we spent time with my in-laws and my new niece... nothing heart shaped for this meal since I didn't make the breakfast... okay... I actually did make banana bread muffins in heart shapes to bring over, but I didn't take a picture, so I don't think it counts.

(Funny quip from Mr. Fo as he bites into heart shaped treat #45 of 2010 - "I can't remember the last time I ate something that wasn't heart shaped." He's funny that Mr. Fo.)

Dinner time is where the magic happened my friends. First... the table... yes, I went with red roses (aww factor - my dad sent these to me)... simple rose petals and our FABULOUS wedding china which I break out for any excuse ... Mr. Fo complains when I do this because you can't put the china in the dishwasher. Mr. Fo hand washing dishes? Blasphemous! But I digress...

The table:

Pretty and simple... plus the grocery store had the rose petals packaged up and ready to go. I didn't think twice before I put those in my cart. They were a must have and I wish they sold them year round just for me.

On the menu...

Salad recipe HERE

I don't know when I turned into someone who boasts about her china, but OMG. Martha Stewart for Wedgwood from Macys, will you be my Valentine?

And from my girl Giada, the entree...

What are the cute little filets cooking in? Why it's my brand new cast iron pan that my Mom got me for Valentine's Day! Dear Mom: Along with Martha Stewart for Wedgwood, will you be my Valentine? (And by the way, a little safety tip. If you live in a bad neighborhood, don't put a baseball bat under your bed. Put a cast iron pan under there. In addition to being a cooking tool, they should advertise the cast iron pan as a killing machine. Just looking out for you guys.)

Sides please...

Biscuits with my sister-in-law's homemade strawberry freezer jam - that's one recipe that she and my mother-in-law have perfected... I won't even try...

And asparagus - I am obsessed with it lately, and even Mr. Fo, a former non-asparagus-lover, is now a fan. Must be the gobs of shaved Parmesan. Always does the trick.

All together now....

(As I look at this picture, it's like... "May I have some steak with my goat cheese?!"
I like cheese, okay? )

And finally, because we hadn't eaten enough... the official sponsor of Valentine's Day... chocolate...

Chocolate Molten Cake recipe HERE ... in a flash of pure genius (or pure insanity as I realized we made it through the meal without a heart shaped food item)... I created a makeshift heart stencil out of a PAPER TOWEL... and dusted some powdered sugar over the cake...
Just call me the MacGyver of the Kitchen...

If you are supposed to end your Valentine's Day completely stuffed and 5 lbs heavier, I think we succeeded. Even Cupid stopped by and left us a message on our chalkboard:

Thanks for putting up with my heart shaped obsession... I promise I won't break out the heart shaped cookie cutters until next year ... and then they're back in full force...

You have been warned!


  1. Very sweet!

    Kim @

  2. awwww you are so cuuute!!!!!

  3. you are the cutest! thanks for linking to my post :)

  4. It all looks fantastic, love it. xxx

  5. I love your menu! Everything is adorable :)

  6. What a fun post Jackie! You made me hungry so now I'm heading off to find a snack. :-)

  7. thanks so much for stopping by my blog! What a fun post. I simply ADORE hearts....and I dare say even the steaks look like hearts! ;)

    Happy post-Valentine's day .... I'm so sad it is already over.


    PS - L.O.V.E. your blog background... ;)

  8. how sweet! looks like a lovely meal :) thank you for stopping by my blog! susan

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