Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ladybug Dinner - not just for kiddos

Before I get into all the glorious ladybug detail, I just want to get a little mushy here. How great is it to have friends you have known forever? Friends who you can talk about high school memories with... Friends who have seen you at your best and your absolute worst... Friends who know almost everything about you (good and bad). Now that we are getting older and are "adults" (I use this term loosely!), it's so great to share all of our milestones together. For example, when one of these friends gets engaged to a GREAT GUY we can all go wedding dress shopping and then throw a SURPRISE ladybug dinner for her. All because you know her parents called her ladybug and that although it was embarrassing at times for her, all of her birthday parties had some sort of ladybug element to them when she was growing up. Bottom line... I love my friends and consider myself so lucky to have them in my life.

Enough of this lovey-dovey stuff, I don't want you guys to barf or something :)

So as I mentioned above, one of my best friends Leighton (a.k.a. Ladybug, a.k.a. Bug) is getting married and we are so happy for her. She came back to North Carolina to go wedding dress shopping even though she is a lucky S.O.B. (excuse my language) and lives in NYC. She wanted her family and us to be there with her - so cute, right? We roll into the FABULOUS wedding dress shop J. Majors with not 1 but 2 bottles of champagne to celebrate. It was 4:30, which is basically 5 o'clock, so don't judge. ( Side Note: This shop is the same place I got my wedding dress after my 1st one was stolen - YES, STOLEN, but that's another blog post). If you are in Charlotte, get your wedding dress at J. Majors - they do an amazing job. Back to ladybugs and things. Leighton is a beautiful girl and all of the dresses looked great on her (even in our champagne haze they still looked good), but she found the "one" right away. I don't think she'll mind if I post a picture of it right here on the Internet. Here it is:

She can totally pull it off, right? When Leighton and her fiancee say "I do" they are planning to release ladybugs into the air ... not creepy or weird at all, right?
(joking, I wouldn't let them do that)

OBVIOUSLY I am just kidding as A) I would never post a picture of her wedding dress on the WORLD wide web and B) who would wear a ladybug costume as a wedding dress??? But, if you are interested in purchasing this costume for your ladybug themed wedding,
you can find it

So after the wedding dress shopping, we went back to our friend Hillary's house for a surprise ladybug themed dinner to celebrate Leighton's engagement. Earlier that week, Hillary and I had an excellent time shopping for ladybug themed items , which if you are curious, are EVERYWHERE. Seriously, the abundance of ladybug items in regular stores and party stores was truly astounding. But I digress. Here are some pictures of our fun evening:

Lady bugs in the flowers and ladybugs on the table. And did you notice the ladybug LATTICE made out of ribbon? I cannot take credit for this genius; this was in fact Hillary's dads idea - Ummmmm Dear Hillary's Dad, you are brilliant.

Ladybug wine - made from real ladybugs! (JOKING. We would never do that.) This was purchased at Earth Fare and was delicious.

We had place cards with ladybugs - mini frames found in Michael's dollar bin in tons of colors...

We made poor Leighton wear this AWESOME ladybug visor that we found (also at Michael's)... Hee Hee. This may be making an appearance at a later date... perhaps with a veil attached to it for her bachelorette party.

And for dessert, we had these adorable and delicious ladybug cupcakes from For Goodness Cake. The owner of For Goodness Cake is a friend of Hillary's and her cupcakes were AWESOME!

We had such an awesome day and I think Leighton appreciated
the extra ladybug effort we went to ;)

We love you Bug!


  1. Not that I'm biased or anything...but this is my favorite post yet =) It was such an amazing night - I really cannot thank you enough! And as for having cherished friends who are with you through all of life's chapters, you could not be more right...and I cannot imagine going through this chapter without each of you with me. I love you!

  2. PS - LOLLLLLLL to the ladybug wedding dress. Mama B would love that!! And Q could wear a tux with a polka dot red bowtie. That would be awesome!

  3. i dont think i have ever commented on my own post before, but, seriously, q could totally pull that off - a polka dot red bowtie? yes, please. please forward post to Mama B so she and I can start working on the release of ladybugs at dusk.

  4. Love the little framed name tags and the cupcakes!!

  5. sooo sooo cute! I loooove the name leighton! Its on my list-lol, the list!

    congrats to your friend!

  6. Love it! Can't wait for you to tell the stolen wedding dress story. It's one of my favs.

    -Amanda (CASABrasi)

  7. I love you guys!!! So glad to be a part of each of your lives! We've known each other for 15 years (give or take), and we have some great memories...I can't to be with ya'll for the next 15! I want a reason to throw another themed party...soon...Jax, let's get on that...I could use some more inebriated Michael's shopping =)

    PS- the lattice work was my idea...my dad just specialized in cutting out the strips and yelling at my mom that he was "really busy and involved in an important project" when she asked him to chop some onions...ahhh CDY!


  8. STOLEN? OMG. You must have wigged! What an adorable engagement party. Love the cupcakes!

  9. I dont want to make this night about me or anything, but I'm just curious why there is no Pearce mascot picture on this blog. He was really into the visor leighton was wearing...