Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentines Day Breakfast for 2

Since Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday, it means that a leisurely (and heart shaped) breakfast is coming my way...Interesting Note: Mr. Fo is not a huge breakfast person...he says isn't that hungry in the morning...which is asinine for several reasons:

1) I am ravenous in the mornings... isn't everyone?

2) Moment of silence please for the Incredible and Edible Egg. Obsessed.

3) PANCAKES? WAFFLES? BAGELS? Some of my favorite carbs.


.... the list goes on... you don't need to hear me rave about big weekend understand. Mr. Fo is a trooper though. He humors me while I cook up a big weekend breakfast and I must say he "chokes it down" pretty quickly, even though he's not "that hungry" in the mornings... hmmm... me thinky he might like MY breakfasts ;)

What was I talking about? OH RIGHT. Heart shaped treats I will have to "force" down my husbands throat... poor guy.

First Course - Coffee:

On V-day, I am having my coffee with an accessory:

Tell me you didn't just say "AWWWW" ...

This image comes from the awesome I am Baker ... here's the thing - Mr. Fo doesn't even DRINK COFFEE (I know... how are we together??)... So I will most likely make an entire batch of these cookies just so I can perch ONE on my coffee mug in the morning. This makes sense, right? Maybe Mr. Fo will be drinking his diet coke out of a mug on V-day so he too can have a necessary coffee mug heart adornment. I will let you know.

Second Course...

I will provide several options here as I don't know yet what I am making...

Egg Option: I had the thought - I bet if I google "Heart Shape Egg in the Hole"
I will find something...


HOW CUTE!!! Anyone can make toast and an egg even if you are the worst cook ever... Do it and impress your Valentine ... Recipe HERE

Pancake Option....

To make these festive treats...

You could buy this Sur La Tab griddle to make it super easy on yourself...

Or you could just make regular pancakes and cut them out with a heart shaped cookie cutter ... everyone has one of those, right? If you don't, let me know. I have about 75.

If you wanted to do French Toast or Waffles - you could always use the cookie cutter option for these too...

Muffins and/or Scones Option...

(image and recipe for these cuties HERE)

(image and recipes for these beauties HERE)

Go to your local Target and pick up the Heart Shaped Silicone muffin pans in the DOLLAR BIN... as I did in a previous post...It will be the best $2.50 you ever spent...

Maybe you will be lucky Valentine's Day and you will wake up to something like this:

(Fabulous Breakfast in Bed image found HERE)

But if you don't wake up to this... and let's be honest... how many of us really will?... Just make yourself an entire batch of cookies, perch one on your coffee cup... and say "Awwww..."


  1. my fiance is just like your husband! he doesn't understand why i have to eat, pretty much the second i get out of bed!

    i can't try these on v-day, since we'll be on a plane, but i'll definitely file this away for another time :o)

  2. You are so funny! I like to read your post. Your heart photos are good, I am working on a similar theme on 2nd blog for February. Happy blogging. xxx

  3. Looovve the pancakes! And the scones! Hmm, wonder if it's too much to do breakfast AND dinner?

  4. Sounds like a fun fill day. You have it all planned out.

    Petergaye S. Kisielewicz

  5. YUMMMY! I heart cofffeeee, its a MUST!

    Fabulously sweet post!!! LOVE IT!

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