Thursday, January 28, 2010

A "Sweet" Valentine's Cocktail Party

I probably spend 40% of my day dreaming about parties...what food to serve, how to set it up, themes, etc... is this normal?

Lately I have been obsessing about throwing a Valentine's Dessert Cocktail Party. This isn't in the cards for me, since I will be cooking up a dinner for 2 for Mr. Fo and myself for Valentine's Day. But if you are not having a party of 2... maybe you should throw my dream cocktail party it for me.. please?!

Here are some ideas so you can get started on achieving my dream party:

Sweet Treats...

1) These charming cupcakes come from THE Martha via Knowing Martha, she grows her own flour and sugar somehow to really make these cakes from scratch. My motto is, if I am going to go the extra mile to decorate a cupcake with a heart shaped brownie, it's okay to make a boxed cake. No one will know ;)

2) These Peanut Buttery oldies but goodies come from Quick & Simple, also via They don't call it Delish for nothing. Everyone has made or eaten a Peanut Butter Tart, so we all know how simple yet delicious they are. Instead of a Reese's Cup, put a heart shaped chocolate in the middle and call it a day. These can be made ahead of time and frozen until thawing for party time!

3) Chocolate Covered Strawberries are a classic. But don't let me catch you buying them from a store - people should be arrested for selling these for $2.50 apiece when it is SO easy to make them yourself. Instructions: 1) Buy strawberries 2) Buy Bakers Dipping Chocolate and Microwave according to Instructions 3) Dip strawberries in Chocolate 4) Enjoy
(image via

4) Bakerella's Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies - How do I love Bakerella, let me count the ways... If you aren't familiar with Bakerella and her whimsical treats, go to her website now. Then tell me you don't want to be her. She scores again with these gorgeous and EASY sandwiches perfect for Valentine's Day.

5) Chocolate Sweet Hearts - Martha again (via I have a love/hate with Martha. Really, this should be a separate post, but for now I will cram it in here... I love Martha because... well.. she's Martha...the creator of tissue paper flower pom-poms...The thing is... Martha says ridiculous things like "Anyone can make their own beautiful wedding cake!" UM NO THEY CAN'T MARTHA. And also, I don't want to pick up one of your cookbooks that says "Easy Recipes" and see an ingredient I have never heard of that has to be flown in from Botswana and costs $45... you get my drift? Enough about my complicated feelings towards Martha. The cookies here are adorable and are only 50 calories a pop. Diet Food.

6) These were pictured on the wonderful blog Thoughtfully Simple. I happen to love a good conversation heart. They taste sort of weird but are so adorable. Plus they are candies that TALK... and I love to talk. Put them on your cupcakes for a creative twist...

7) These delightful treats are Valentines Meringue Cookies...I happen to love meringue...after one disastrous meringue experience, I have since mastered these cookies...Light, Airy, Heart Shaped and Pink? Perfection.

8) These French Macarons from Mowielicious are to die for. Here's a secret - I am deathly afraid of making Macarons. If I were to ever accomplish this feat, it would be my Mt. Everest ... you feel me? In fact, if anyone wants to throw a few tricks of the trade my way, I would be forever indebted to you...

Love Potions...

1) Try this Pink Vodka Cocktail from Oh how Posh! This would look great in a punch bowl or a glass drink dispenser.

2) You know I have to have a champagne cocktail at my party - Try this Raspberry Royale from

3) This gorgeous drink is made using Baileys so it would be perfect for a dessert party...I just may have to serve this one at my party of 2 this year :)

4) A Mocktail for those Mommies to Be or those on the wagon... How pretty is this Raspberry and Rose Punch from Epicurious?

Decorate your heart out... (get it?)

1) Candles in glass jars are an easy way to decorate...Use V-day candy such as Conversation Hearts, Red Hots and Red and White Sprinkles (like in this picture from BHG.COM) to add some color.

2) Do the same with your flower arrangements. In this picture Martha uses red V-day candy to complete her tulip display. Bonus - the mass of candy in the vase helps arrange your flowers.

3) Use a combination of flowers and candles - sprinkle some rose petals on the table, line up some candle votives and you are in business - simple and elegant. (image from

With this foolproof guide you should be able to have my dream Valentine's Cocktail Party in no time - Enjoy and let me know how it turns out ;)


  1. We are thinking about having a Valentine's party and I am stealing Martha's flower arrangement with the candy - love it! What are you cooking for Mr. Fo this year?

  2. even though you don't get as many comments on the food posts, still post about your valentines dinner with mr fo. i'd like to see pictures please.

  3. Good post Jax! I want to do some of those cookies. Too cute!


  4. I think that sounds like a killer idea! That raspberry royale has my name all over it! Blog rolling you gorgoeus. : )

  5. and I meant gorgeous. I can spell...really I can. ah ha ha

  6. I heart the love potions, and you already know the candles too;o)

  7. i wish i had the time (and money) to throw a v-day party! it's all so cute! :o)

  8. hey girl- i too am in nc and would love you to pop by my cooking blog mamabirdnest(dot)com
    I'm following now!

  9. What a lovely find your blog is, it is so pretty and full of gems, will be coming back more often. About Valentine's party, just 2 of us! But I am sure I could use these ideas for lots of other parties. Thank you for sharing. Regards.
    PS I have found you throught SITS.

  10. Oh how funny~ you were above me on SITS! I also missed it on Sat. How random is that?! Anyhow~ Happy SITS Sunday;o)


  11. Oh, wow, I think we were separated at birth. I too spend countless hours dreaming of parties! I plan entire parties in my head; from the invitations to the food. LOL!
    And, I couldn't agree with you more about Martha. I love her ideas, but there is NO way I could do half the stuff she does!
    Stopping by from SITS, by the way. :o)

  12. Love it! The favorite party I've ever hosted was a Valentini party for girlfriends. I'm really enjoying all the fab ideas on your blog.

  13. reading your blog is not helping my diet! This all sounds wonderful!