Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A SUPER Superbowl Party (That's a double SUPER)

Per the request of arguably my most devoted reader, Aunt Rosie (HI AUNT RO!), I have been perusing the web and racking my brain for some Super Bowl party ideas. Mr. Fo and I are still on the fence about whether or not to throw a party, seeing as though we have a new baby coming into the family in the next few weeks (not ours, see previous posts)... Why doesn't Baby Brooke know that we are trying to plan a party here ... Gosh, infants are so wrapped up in their own world, aren't they?

Here is my take on Super Bowl parties. Just because it is about football, chips and beer, doesn't mean you just throw out a bag of Tostitos and a case of Bud Light and call it a day... BUT, on the flip side, I wouldn't go serving Proscuitto Wrapped Melon Balls with a side of caviar, either.. you get my drift?

Here are some fab ideas I found:

1. Ref Cupcakes. Hostess with the Mostess never disappoints and has featured adorable Football Cupcakes from Jeanne Benedict at If I do have a Superbowl Party this year, these cute little guys will be making an appearance. Guaranteed. Oh, and if you were wondering, those are little whistles on the top of the cupcake. You can use them if your party gets too rowdy ;)

2 and 5. Team Drinks: I am no ESPN commentator, but let's just say, it's the Indianapolis Colts vs. the New Orleans Saints this year. First off, know that I will be pulling for Peyton Manning (Colts) as he is hysterically funny in all 75 of his commercials. Seriously, click here for his hilarious United Way SNL sketch. Anyway, enough about my weird crush on Peyton Manning. I love a good signature cocktail - it's so easy to do and is always fun to drink. ;) I featured Martinis which is probably too fancy for a Superbowl party, but just go with the team colors. A Black and Gold martini for the New Orleans Saints and the Dreamy Blues for the Colts. Maybe the more popular drink will predict the winner of the game? In that case, I will be chugging the Dreamy Blues. ;) (IMPORTANT NOTE: BEER STILL MUST BE SERVED ON SUPERBOWL SUNDAY. IT'S A LAW.)

3. Football Napkins. Cute napkins are a must. I like these simple brown and white napkins from Plum Party. If I buy them, Mr. Fo may explode as my napkin collection is getting a little bit ridiculous. Need a napkin for an occasion? Seriously, just call me. I got you covered.

4. Chili with a Toppings Bar. Chili seems like a football appropriate food, right? Plus, and more importantly, you can have a TOPPINGS BAR. Cheese, Scallions, Avocado, Veggies... the toppings list is endless. Plus, it's fun and convenient for the hostess (i.e. Make the Chill, set out toppings and chillax while your guests make their own food). This setup is from Real Simple.

5. (See 2 above)

6. Football Cookies. Easy, delicious and adorable. Pillsbury just can't be beat sometimes. I made these last year. Now, with my intensive collection of cookie cutters, I obviously have a football shaped cookie cutter, but it's really not necessary to have one. Plus, if people have enough Signature Team Cocktails, they won't care if it's a perfect pigskin. These football cookies will be a "touchdown" at your party. (Too cheesy? Sorry.)

7. Football spreaders. These are from a great party site, Hostess Jo (BTW - All items 40% off right now). How could you NOT buy these?

8. Playing Field Centerpiece. Again, Hostess with the Mostess scores. How cute would this be on the food table? It almost makes me want to toss around the football. (Not really.)

I will keep you updated on our Superbowl party situation - we are either having a fabulous party, or we are bringing the football shaped cookies to the hospital where my niece will be born :) Either way, we are eating some football cookies.

Happy Almost Weekend!


  1. Thanks for stopping by our blog - love yours and these super bowl ideas! I'm just now putting mine together, and I love seeing other inspiration.

  2. These are all great ideas! I especially love the ref cupcakes and the playing field centerpiece. I might have to try a couple of these! Thanks so much for linking up!