Monday, January 18, 2010

Sissy's Baby Shower

As all great sister-in-laws do, I threw Drew (a.k.a. Sissy to Mr. Fo) a fun baby shower this past fall. I enlisted a happy helper - the fabulous Amanda, and we were on our way. The pressure was on since all of my husband's family would be coming in town for this event. I think we delivered, I must say.

First off, the invites:

I thought these were adorable without being too cutesy for a little girl. These are from my go-to invitation place -
Polka Dot Designs. LOVE THEM. The invite introduced the color scheme of green and pink.

Party Decor:

We hung a "B" on the front door... B for Baby and B for Brooke, which is the baby's name!

The B is from Hobby Lobby for under $10. We gave it to Drew and now it's painted pink and hanging in Brooke's nursery! Party Decor and Nursery Decoration all rolled into one - I like that efficiency.

This pretty pink tulle - from Walmart's fabric department - draped the staircase when guests first walked in. This was my friend Amanda's great idea, and it looked gorgeous. It could work for a more formal event as well as a smaller event like a baby shower.

These flowers were clustered on the front hall table. They looked beautiful, and they were favors for guests to take home.

Along with wine, we served 2 specialty cocktails. Safe for Mommie's to be was the "
Mamajito." This was basically a virgin Mojito.

  • 2 Tablespoon Fresh Mint Leaves Muddled
  • 1 Teaspoon Fresh Grated Ginger Root
  • 4 Oz Sprite or 7-Up (Caffeine Free)
  • 1 Oz Fresh Lime Juice
  • Muddle mint in the bottom of the glass using the back of your spoon, add ice, ginger, lime and shake.
  • Top with the soda and garnish with mint leaves.

The non-virgin cocktail was Spiked Pink Lemonade - a combination of Pink Lemonade and Champagne. This was a total hit and proved my theory that if you mix champagne with anything, it tastes delicious. It's not just for New Years Eve people.

We called this "Brooke's Candy Bar!"

This was my first attempt at a candy bar, and it turned out quite delicious! I tried to use an equal mix of pink and green candy, but it ended up being mostly pink candy as green candy is surprisingly hard to find. The candy included:

Pink M&Ms

Pink Jelly Beans

Strawberry Whoppers

Strawberry Marshmallows

Double Bubble

Dove Bliss Bars

Pink Frosted Animal Cookies

The Fabulous Bakerella's Cake Pops (my first attempt and they were SO fun to make)
Malted MINT Milk Balls (from Dean and Deluca - pricey, but OMG good)

This was really fun to put together and most guests had never seen a candy bar before. Tie some cute ribbons on the candy scoops, make the labels for the candy jars, and you are in business.

Labels Tip: For an easy but cute label presentation, print out (in cute font) the names of the items on self-adhesive white labels and stick them on cute pieces of scrapbook paper for a pretty border. This is a cheap alternative to ordering pre-printed labels, and anyone can do it.

Here's a close up of Brooke's Candy Bar Sign and the cute bags to take the candy home. The bags were just brown lunch bags with pink and green polka dots stamped on them. Super cute, affordable, and room for lots of candy :)

Mantel Decorations. Resting against the mantel were actual baby pictures of Drew and Michael... as you know from Mr. Fo's 30th birthday party, I love using pictures as decoration. Everyone loved seeing their baby pictures and talking about what little Brooke is going to look like! We used Brooke's name in the decor again by painting unfinished wooden letters from Hobby Lobby. Drew was able to take all of these decorations home and is using the Brooke letters in the nursery.

Trivia Game and Prizes! I knew we needed to do a game... but I have been to a lot of showers where the game is... well... not all that fun. So I came up with a Drew/Michael trivia game. The questions pertained to milestones they made as a baby (i.e. their first word) and general fun facts about the mommy and daddy to be! It was fun because everyone got to know a little bit more about them. The best part was the presents. Aunt Carol had a great idea to buy a bunch of "prizes" that were actually baby items to go home with Drew. These included baby lotions, bottles, bibs, etc. So when all the prizewinners opened their gifts, they just passed them along to Drew! It was funny and allowed Drew to go home with even MORE goodies!

The adorable cake was from my favorite place,
Edible Art. I found a bunch of cakes on the Internet that I loved and picked out elements from each that I wanted incorporated into this cake. The result was exactly what I had described to the lovely ladies at Edible Art! Plus it was delicious, as usual.

Drew really racked up at this shower...stroller, baby clothes, you name it. But the gift with the biggest laugh was from yours truly...

No words needed. Hilarious onesies such as this one can be purchased at

This shower was SO fun and all the guests went home stuffed and happy with their pretty pink rose and bag o' candy. We had the food catered from Dean and Deluca, because as much as I like to cook, sometimes you just need to have a party catered. They always do a great job.

Little Brooke should be here before we know it and I will be sure to take a picture of her in her favorite onesie to show you all ;)


  1. What a great looking shower! I'm sure your SIL loved it.
    Stopped by from SITS! Have a good day!

    I have a giveaway, come by and check it out!

  2. When I have a baby, I want you to throw the shower!

  3. What a cute shower! Nice work on the candy bar. I LOVE pink and green! (They were my wedding colors, so I must!)
    Mr Fo is funny... :)

  4. I hope my shower is as great as this! I have to say that your attention to detail and creativity my dear is amazing.

  5. I threw a baby shower for my best friend a year ago, and SO wanted to do a candy bar. Unfortunately, I had too many ideas, and had to scrap that one. Instead, I decided I'm doing a 'Sweet Shoppe' theme for my daughter's third birthday (she just turned one in Dec) where we will have a super-fab candy bar! ;0)
    Great job on the shower; it looked super-cute!

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