Sunday, January 31, 2010

Put your cupcake on a pedastal

When I saw these:

on the fabulous website Modern Chic Home, I immediately had to have them. Santa (aka Mr. Fo) put them under our Christmas tree, and I am now the proud owner of cupcake pedestals.

Cupcake pedestals may not be a necessity, but damn they are cute. Plus they are super versatile... you can use them for....




(I made these by cutting a slit in the top of the apple and sticking in a piece of cardstock - too easy)

.....and of course... Cupcakes...

How adorable are these?! I made these cupcakes from a Valentines Day Funfetti mix I got at Target... that's also where I bought the adorable heart cupcake wrappers. And yes... in the last picture... those are heart shaped cupcakes. I couldn't help myself.

Pick yourself up some cupcake pedestals to use at your next party! You know you want to :)


  1. Good job jackie!! Love it!

  2. Ahhhhhhhhh, I NEED those right now. My head is swirling with all the fabulous possibilities!

  3. Oh . . My . . . God!! How cute are those?? I want some!!

  4. but how many do you need? i mean do you just get enough for dessert for a little dinner party?

  5. Perfect for a small party! Or just for display! I saw these too, I just can't get myself to buy them yet... Notice the "yet";o)

    Awesome cupcakes too! I can't wait to make pretty pink cupcakes!


  6. Love the cupcakes! How cute!

  7. Ohhhh those cupcakes are so cute!!!

  8. Hi Jackie! Thank you for your purchase of these adorable pedestals from my shop! Your post is fantastic and if you don't mind, I'd love to add your photos to the modern chic home blog page. Such creative ideas and examples...I want everyone to see! And thank you for posting about them for your readers. XO - Julie

  9. so cute! love all the alternate uses too. you could put little plants on them too!