Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Make someone's day...

Why don't you make someones day today? Or tomorrow... or next week.... This past weekend, I made a pregnant chick's day. This particular pregnant chick happens to be my wonderful sister-in-law Drew. (Mr. Fo's sister)... I am so lucky to be blessed with great in-laws and am especially lucky to have one of my best friends be my sister! (in -law)... NOTE: I am not just saying this because she reads the blog, she is truly AWESOME!... She also happens to be married to Michael Heid, designer of my awesome blog header. He can also juggle fire, use a wet saw and is an Eagle Scout. Let's just say that if Mr. Fo swung that way, his dream dude would be Michael Heid. But I digress.

So... Drew is in her last month of pregnancy. (No pictures allowed, I have been warned - but know that she looks ADORABLE... I will probably look like a giant sta-puff marshmallow man when I am pregnant..but again... I digress)... So while the rest of us are all excited, the mommy to be just keeps getting more uncomfortable... and then there's that whole birthing process - which I hear is quite painful.
Don't get me wrong, she is handling it like a champ, but everyone can use a little pick me up...

So, despite Mr. Fo's slight objections (as we could have bought a vacation home with the amount of money I have spent on my future niece), I decided we should get them ONE more thing to brighten up the last month of pregnancy. In my true fashion, one thing turned into several things... which turned into a whole basket of things... But it was super cute... and isn't that all that matters?

You know that big dinner I had with the heart shaped brownies and polenta and gravy? That was all a trick to lure Drew and Michael over so we could give them a basket full of goodies:

Basket Breakdown

Because no gift basket is complete without pasta

Because no pasta is complete without gravy. And seriously... put anything in a mason jar and it instantly gets cuter. Make a label, tie it with raffia and you might shed a tear.

I am happy to report that I made this myself... It's just a $2 wooden door hanger from, a can of chalkboard spray paint, and a ribbon (All purchased at Michael's). You can put this on your front door or the baby's bedroom to let everyone know they best be keeping quiet cause yo baby is sleeping. (A note about chalkboard spray paint: Yes... you can actually write and erase and rewrite on it with chalk. I am now obsessed with this product and Mr. Fo is seriously afraid he will come home one day to find our entire house covered in chalkboard paint. This is a definite possibility.)

Coupon Book. This was so easy to make and was (in my opinion) the best gift of the bunch. From what I gather, new moms and dads need lots of help from friends and family... whether that be meals prepared, grocery runs or even babysitting. Make a coupon book for them to use whenever they need help! This was (almost) free and really fun to make. See example coupon here:

Here's the whole basket put together:

Try to use a cute fabric basket so it can be used in the baby's room for the teeny tiny clothes and other adorable miniature things babies use.

So... the whole basket consisted of the items I mentioned above, homemade Snickerdoodles for the Mr. (super easy recipe here), a nursing cover (more commonly known as a hooter hider) and a few other little things.

I promise this was so fun to put together and NOT that expensive. Under $50. And I think it meant a lot to Drew and Michael.

Try to make someones day this week! Pregnant chick or non-pregnant chick (or dude), I promise they will appreciate it!

My next posts are going to feature parties I have recently planned, so come back and see!

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  1. Cute idea! I love the grocery store run coupon.

    PS My husband's (Italian) family calls sauce gravy too! I guess its normal...:) haha

  2. Love the basket idea! I should do one for Ross and Kristin - thoughts for someone that is a plane ride away from the new parents?? Also incredibly happy to see that you blogged about your Dad's holiday card - it is just so good. SO good.

  3. I have to admit, Jackie did, in fact, make my day (my week, actually). I told everyone about the adorable basket (which now sits, by the way, in a corner of the nursery filled with stuffed animals - a cute decoration!). The basket was truly perfect, although Michael has eaten nearly all the Snickerdoodles. Okay, I've swiped a few here and there (all right, more than my share). DELICIOUS. Jackie has already proven herself "Aunt of the Year" and "Best Sister-in-law of All Time" - and the little tyke's not even here yet...

  4. Jax, you are a great gift giver.

  5. oooh!!! jackie has a blog!! also, i need one of those coupon books pronto.

  6. Sooo cute and I can talk from experience that she will LOVE that coupon book! You are the sweetest. Kinda wish you were my sis in law!! Adorable, thanks for linking up!

  7. so cute and thoughtful. i just found your blog and can already tell you're a great gift giver. don't know if you saw the baby baskets i did a while back - i'll link here: