Monday, January 11, 2010

Jackie Fo = Jackie O

Well... since the breaking news hit that I was starting a blog, people from all over the world have been asking me ... where did you ever get that fabulous name for your blog? The obvious answer is that my name is Jackie and my last name begins with an F. But also... it is kind of named after one of my favorite people of all time... The timeless Jackie O, as preserved here in an Andy Warhol painting:

I consider her my namesake for several reasons:

1) My parents named me after her, which is why we both spell our official names the French way - with a "q" (this is not true at all, my parents just liked the name, but I pretend its true)

2) We both wear a lot of pearls... albeit Jackie O's are more classic while mine are more... chunky... but whatever, it's the same concept.

3) Just like Jackie O, I am super classy and you would never hear a curse word come out of my mouth. (hmmm....does anyone believe that?)

4) She once rode horses in Basking Ridge, NJ. Guess who used to live there? Jackie Fo.

5) The list goes on and on, but you can see that we are basically the same person.

To truly exhibit my obsession, here is a picture of me with the REAL Jackie:

Okay... the real Jackie couldn't make it that day, BUT... my fantastically fabulous friend Michael threw me a bridal shower called.... JACKIE... "THE SHOWER" ... It was so awesome and I of course had to wear the vintage Jackie O suit he bought for me off Ebay. With that, the pearls and the sunglasses, people were actually asking if I was the real Jackie. You don't have to believe me, but it's true.

To close it out... here are some more awesome Jackie O images... Now that you know why I named my blog "Jackie Fo," you can finally get some sleep.

More to come tomorrow!!!!


  1. so, congratulations to me on being the first to comment x 2 posts. (some might say that makes me a loser, i say it makes me awesome) could you please post a pic of jackie o wearing a tiara like you're wearing in the pic w/ her?

  2. I've never heard you cuss before.

  3. Jackie, thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. Good luck with your new blog and planning business. You will meet lots of fun 'cyber' friends! ;D