Friday, January 15, 2010

30th Birthday Bash!!

Things I am good at:

1) Accessorizing

2) Talking. A LOT.

3) Bargain shopping.
Things I am not so good at:

1) Math

2) Driving and all things related to driving (i.e. Parking, Car Cleaning, Avoiding Cinderblock poles in my parking garage)

3) Keeping Secrets...

Now, please understand. I can keep a secret if it's super important or serious. I have more of a problem when I get excited about things. (Remember Drew? Yea, a lot of people knew she was pregnant before they were supposed to... from me) Anything involving exciting news is just hard for me to keep quiet about. I justify it by saying that this must mean I am a good person who wants to share good news with others. (Right?!)

So, you can imagine it was probably quite ambitious for me throw a SURPRISE 30th Birthday Party for my husband. Someone who I LIVE WITH and could potentially slip and say something every day. I think for the last month before the party I basically didn't even speak to him for fear of spoiling the surprise. I knew if I could pull this off, it might be my greatest accomplishment yet.

And I totally did it. Mr. Fo swears he had NO CLUE about the party. No one can say I can't keep a secret anymore. Here are some party weekend details:

30 yard sign ... When Mr. Fo came home from work, he saw this on the way to our door! I found so much great "30" stuff online. Lollipops with "30 sucks" imprinted on them, "30" confetti for the tables, "30" napkins... nobody was questioning his age that weekend...

Golf centerpieces lined the table. I first saw this idea on one of my favorite blogs, Hostess With the Mostess. The fabulous Hostess ladies used real sod for their golf greens. For various reasons, I couldn't do that, so I got "grass" from Michael's. I think it looked quite realistic! If you look closely at the golf ball... you can see...

... that's right... Mr. Fo's face is PRINTED on the golf ball. I ordered these from Personalization Mall. I think these would make a great gift for any golfer ... Everyone got a kick out of these! Plus, I think there should be a pack of golf balls with your own face on them in every golfer's collection. Seems necessary.

Another part of the tablescape were pictures of Mr. Fo as a child and current funny pictures of him. I absolutely love love love pictures and think they are a great way to decorate a party honoring an individual. In general I just love pictures and I have about a thousand all around my house. It's not that I don't appreciate art, but why would I want some random guys painting in my house when I could have pictures of people I love? Is that blasphemous? Sorry Art Lovers.

Another note about the tablescape: I had the golf greens alternated with the pictures all the way down the long table. It looked really great. Unfortunately, I was socializing too much at the party to take a proper picture of the whole table. Whoops.

These were the favors, and I must say, they were a hit. They were koozies filled with M&Ms that said "30" on them. OPS 30 was the secret code name I gave to the party weekend. (How STEALTH am I?) 

Every birthday boy needs a custom made t-shirt! This is the back of Mr. Fo's t-shirt that he was forced to wear the night of the party. I had it made through Vista Print. Between address labels, Christmas cards and t-shirts, I should really have stock in this company ;)

This fabulous work of art (see, I like art, if it's cake) was made by Edible Art in Charlotte. Their cakes are beautiful and taste SO good too. This was super appropriate for Mr. Fo as he loves Bud Light. So I asked them to do a Bud Light cake, but with his name in place of the word "Bud". Plus, it was a Bud Light flavored cake! (Kidding, that would be nasty, although Mr. Fo would love it). Seriously though, everyone loved this cake and it looked great being brought out at the end of the night as one last surprise.

I held the party at a great restaurant here in Charlotte, Tavern on Park. They were really accommodating and even let us create a customized menu. Thanks Tavern!

All in all the weekend was a huge success. Some of his best friends came in town for the weekend, we had great food and drinks and lots of laughs. I think it eased the pain of turning 30 a little bit... right Mr. Fo?

I only hope I have a 30th birthday bash just as awesome one day (wink wink)...

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. When Kalle was pregnant and you told your dad (who talks as little as you), the entire party knew. Nice work Jax.

  2. yea i was wondering why the story of my unsecret pregnancy didn't make this blog post.
    also is mr fo ever going to comment on here?

  3. It is not uncommon for Jackie to tell me the end of a movie I'm watching or what everyone is giving me for Christmas, so I was obviously shocked that she pulled OPS30 off without my knowledge. While everyone was thrilled to celebrate the 30th anniversary of my birth, Jackie's planning and secrecy helped make the weekend even more memorable.

    And this blog is fantastic...I use it to plan all of my Girl's Night Outs and Tea Parties.

  4. Jackie! This party looks like so much fun! There is something so satisfying about pulling off a good surprise.
    That cake is to die for! I might have to attempt to recreate someday.

    PS I think I found you from a comment you made on a blog I read...hmmm...maybe TomKat Studio or something?

  5. This seems like a party filled with so much fun! I really love your 30th birthday ideas and I'd love to feature them in my next blog post if you won't mind... Cheers and have fun!